Saturday, July 31, 2010

File by File, Part Two

Buddy's first weeks of homeschool are partly filled and filed:

Buddy's file "workbox":

Cardboard ECO friendly Binders (ready to decorate for a Science/Creation notebook and Geography notebook):

The above binders really excite me. I had to buy them online, but shipping was next day! AND, I can't wait to see how the kids embellish the covers!

I am working on copying/filing our Health/Science right now. Math for both kids: check. Spelling for Ella: check. World History (Ancient Times): check (at least up to week 10).

Here are a few books we are using for World Geography (we are studying cultures with a focus on compassionate missions):

Material World is ONE big book. It contains a unique perspective on people. It is definitely worth a look. I bought this used, thankfully! The photos inside are very telling- possessions of a family from a country are shown OUTSIDE of their home. FASCINATING. I know the kids will enjoy this book!

I will discuss the remaining books in this picture later....I have a lot to say, but we have a birthday party to attend in less than half an hour and Ella is spending the night at a friend's house.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

little toes, little feet

I love baby toes.

I was reminded of this fact last night when I slept beside Will David for a bit. He was fighting a little bit of a fever (teeth) and his legs were quite warm. I caressed his little feet, listened to his breathing, heard the steady rainfall outside the bedroom window, and just held on to the moment.

So, in fact, I also love baby feet. There's something about those scaled down appendages.

Here's one of the many photos I have have Will David's feet :)

When my children get a little bigger, I like taking photos of them in pretty shoes! Rainboots are one of the BEST things to take a picture of! Here's a layout, Perfect Rainboots, that I did recently, also for a creative team challenge over at MPTS.

Here's a good look at the quote I used on the page:


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

file by file Part One

A few days ago I began organizing each of our 36 weeks of homeschooling in individual crates for Buddy and Ella. I find that the forums here are exceptional at providing information on everything you want to know about homeschooling. So, on the Well Trained Mind forums, I read a phenomenal thread about lesson organization.

Now, I was not too fond of this idea at first. It seemed like too much work. But then I began to weigh the pros and cons of it and decided the benefit far outweighed the work. That said, I've only begun with this project. I started with Philip's crate first, since it will be the easiest.

Oh, before I begin telling what I've organized I should say that each crate was $3 at WalMart. I purchased natural colored file folders rather than those standard green ones! Philip's crate is blue, along with a binder and several pocket folders. Ella's crate, binder, and pocket folders are red.

So, I tore out several of Philip's workbooks already. He will be doing A Beka math this year. It was a bit tricky and I assume there may become switching around of worksheets here and there, but his math worksheets are in their corresponding weekly folder. We actually already completed some of them at the end of his preschool year.

Along with the regular math is math know, all the numbers. These worksheets are now in the appropriate weekly folder as well.

I did the same thing with Ella for her math book, which is also A Beka.

Philip has various phonics worksheets filed and also four different story worksheet sets,from a book I found at Barnes and Noble. These worksheets involve parent and child to go over words and comprehension. There are also several games that follow.

Now, there will definitely be subjects that will not be filed. Or, at least part of them. For example, some of Philips's readers (Pathway Readers, which are sweet conservative stories and workbooks ) cannot fit in the filing crate. Also, our science curriculum. However, the science curriculum will be contained be discussed further another day. It's a whole topic in and of itself!


Monday, July 26, 2010

fun in the sun

these photos....I love

they hold many truths about my boys

they are super uber energetic

they are FUNN-EEE!!

no matter where they are, they are alllll boy

and then there's her

who today, struggled with sharing, but she was the better person.

I need to learn from her.

It's tough to share, to be kind, to extend grace.

I really struggle with this. Not the sharing part, ha, but the others.

I get tired of dealing with some same things over and over and want peace in my mind about things but then I need to realize that is not God's way. And I am the MOTHER in this household....and I've been revisitng God's purpose and design for a mother. One thing that is so important...


If I fail in this, more frequently than one should, perhaps, then what will be shown to my children?

How do I respond to my own stresses in do those things affect their emotions even today?

I imagine, they see more than I think, but they also have wonderful sweet tendencies to forgive and love quickly.

God is good!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last week, Ella and Philip went to the VBS at our church. And, as you can see, Ella became a cute little cheerleader. After her week of cheering, we are thinking that we may try a bit of that sport for her later in the year, at a church program. In between her soccer and teeball seasons, of course!

Buddy was with the 4's and 5's at at Polar Expedition! Can you believe that? :) I loved all the little crafts he brought home! So did he!

I also had the honor of photographing the littles! And my goodness, they were CUTE! I caught images of bubble blowing little girlies, amazingly silly boys, and sweet worshipful expressions of boys and girls!

And as we are on the subject of sharing joy, here are a few items that I truly enjoyed creating for my A Spoonful Of Charm shop on Etsy!


Thursday, July 22, 2010 this

I am slowly getting my nerve up to write on my blog what is ultimately on my heart. I must remember, though, that it is a desire that has been God given. What this means to me is that it is possible to change and it is possible to stay the same...either way, I must stay the course HE has for me!

I've been trying to stay at peace. It's been hard. There has been some incidents only a half hour away from where God is leading me that causes me to fear. Yes, it is a mission trip. And it is far away. And I have never flown...and I realllyyy don't want to start now! But it looks like God has something like that in mind. It's the only way to get there. And I'd be there for two weeks. Without my husband or sweet children. But, I'd have the Lord, as always. He never, ever leaves.

At times, I think to myself, is He fooling me? Really? Uganda? Truly?

And then I recall the hands that has brought to me subtle and not so subtle whispers of the path I am to follow. I recall sitting on the church pew fighting back a waterfall of tears as I watched our church team's presentation of the mission trip. I recall the clearerst ever nudging from God. The slideshow of photos of children in need of so much. There's a population of over 50% children in Uganda. There's diseased, motherless, fatherless, hungry.....people. People that God has not forgotten. We always think He has forgotten us, too, but he hasn't. His timing and ways and plans are not ours. They are God's. For that I am thankful.

Beyond the time and space, and even my physical challenge of fibromyalgia, there's the funds factor, and I will trust in God also for this.
It is for such a time as this that my faith has begun a growth I haven't felt in a long time. Long. Time. Prayers, peace, and patience are what I need each day. I've had some overwhelming thoughts, of homeschholing and managing my crafting, as well as preparation. Thenjust like that it subsides. Only to reappear again later! Constant struggle....hoping not so constant soon!

(please excuse my new blog in progress...definitely some kinks to work out....)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

For such a time....

I feel as if God has been orchestrating the pages in my life for the NOW. Of course, He is in the past, and in the future, but a forceful push in now has been something that has been given to me the past month or so. This push, or peripety (which I will explain more as posts go by), came as a message of "Go". It was not subtle at all. In fact, it was the loudest voice from God that I really and truly have ever heard.

In hearing this I have had to be immersed in the Word as much as I can.

I have had to keep a peaceful heart, especially the past week.

Patience has to be a virtue worth the fight.