Wednesday, July 28, 2010

file by file Part One

A few days ago I began organizing each of our 36 weeks of homeschooling in individual crates for Buddy and Ella. I find that the forums here are exceptional at providing information on everything you want to know about homeschooling. So, on the Well Trained Mind forums, I read a phenomenal thread about lesson organization.

Now, I was not too fond of this idea at first. It seemed like too much work. But then I began to weigh the pros and cons of it and decided the benefit far outweighed the work. That said, I've only begun with this project. I started with Philip's crate first, since it will be the easiest.

Oh, before I begin telling what I've organized I should say that each crate was $3 at WalMart. I purchased natural colored file folders rather than those standard green ones! Philip's crate is blue, along with a binder and several pocket folders. Ella's crate, binder, and pocket folders are red.

So, I tore out several of Philip's workbooks already. He will be doing A Beka math this year. It was a bit tricky and I assume there may become switching around of worksheets here and there, but his math worksheets are in their corresponding weekly folder. We actually already completed some of them at the end of his preschool year.

Along with the regular math is math know, all the numbers. These worksheets are now in the appropriate weekly folder as well.

I did the same thing with Ella for her math book, which is also A Beka.

Philip has various phonics worksheets filed and also four different story worksheet sets,from a book I found at Barnes and Noble. These worksheets involve parent and child to go over words and comprehension. There are also several games that follow.

Now, there will definitely be subjects that will not be filed. Or, at least part of them. For example, some of Philips's readers (Pathway Readers, which are sweet conservative stories and workbooks ) cannot fit in the filing crate. Also, our science curriculum. However, the science curriculum will be contained be discussed further another day. It's a whole topic in and of itself!


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