Saturday, July 31, 2010

File by File, Part Two

Buddy's first weeks of homeschool are partly filled and filed:

Buddy's file "workbox":

Cardboard ECO friendly Binders (ready to decorate for a Science/Creation notebook and Geography notebook):

The above binders really excite me. I had to buy them online, but shipping was next day! AND, I can't wait to see how the kids embellish the covers!

I am working on copying/filing our Health/Science right now. Math for both kids: check. Spelling for Ella: check. World History (Ancient Times): check (at least up to week 10).

Here are a few books we are using for World Geography (we are studying cultures with a focus on compassionate missions):

Material World is ONE big book. It contains a unique perspective on people. It is definitely worth a look. I bought this used, thankfully! The photos inside are very telling- possessions of a family from a country are shown OUTSIDE of their home. FASCINATING. I know the kids will enjoy this book!

I will discuss the remaining books in this picture later....I have a lot to say, but we have a birthday party to attend in less than half an hour and Ella is spending the night at a friend's house.


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Anonymous said...

Wow...I need to recover some organization genes I lost somewhere...almost makes me want to start as a kid again.