Monday, July 26, 2010

fun in the sun

these photos....I love

they hold many truths about my boys

they are super uber energetic

they are FUNN-EEE!!

no matter where they are, they are alllll boy

and then there's her

who today, struggled with sharing, but she was the better person.

I need to learn from her.

It's tough to share, to be kind, to extend grace.

I really struggle with this. Not the sharing part, ha, but the others.

I get tired of dealing with some same things over and over and want peace in my mind about things but then I need to realize that is not God's way. And I am the MOTHER in this household....and I've been revisitng God's purpose and design for a mother. One thing that is so important...


If I fail in this, more frequently than one should, perhaps, then what will be shown to my children?

How do I respond to my own stresses in do those things affect their emotions even today?

I imagine, they see more than I think, but they also have wonderful sweet tendencies to forgive and love quickly.

God is good!


Reinspire said...

I LOVE the last photo! It looks truly vintage and makes me laugh!! Being a mother is the hardest job there is! You do a wonderful job!

vtpuggirl said...

Being a mom is so hard, be gentle with yourself. Just do the best you can, it's all any of us can do.