Thursday, July 29, 2010

little toes, little feet

I love baby toes.

I was reminded of this fact last night when I slept beside Will David for a bit. He was fighting a little bit of a fever (teeth) and his legs were quite warm. I caressed his little feet, listened to his breathing, heard the steady rainfall outside the bedroom window, and just held on to the moment.

So, in fact, I also love baby feet. There's something about those scaled down appendages.

Here's one of the many photos I have have Will David's feet :)

When my children get a little bigger, I like taking photos of them in pretty shoes! Rainboots are one of the BEST things to take a picture of! Here's a layout, Perfect Rainboots, that I did recently, also for a creative team challenge over at MPTS.

Here's a good look at the quote I used on the page:



Kelly said...

Your layout is gorgeous - and the pic is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It has been so good to see these pages. They are beautifully creative and so enjoyable.