Friday, August 20, 2010

making my move!

please note, i will reveal the winners of my recent giveaways. also, i have made a move BACK to Typepad, because i am getting frustrated with certain specs on blogger. i do like blogger, but at this time, back to Typepad. hopefully, i'll stay there longer so i don't confuse readers!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i love tall dark and handsome

shelves, that is! (i love tallish, blonde, and handsome, too! heheee!). yesterday, the thought came to me that i should try that shelf on for size and see if it would make a "desk." i have four cubes that are from Michael's to use as the base. i want to get two more, and use them also as a base, so i have even more areas of organization for my "desk." even when i add those other cubes, i will still have enough room underneath for storing my sewing machine, so it's not visible on top at the moment. i have a folding black chair that i will make a slipcover for. above the area, i am not sure what i'm going to do quite yet. i know it needs something but i need to twist my husband's arm to paint our room so i know exactly what to do next.

so now since my stash and work area has been moved out of the kitchen/dining area and is now in our bedroom, things are better in my creative mind. it makes things a little more crowded, but now i can say i have a space that isn't in the way of daily living. ;0 (i have a feeling i'm going to need as much table space anyways for homeschooling two children this year). God blessed us with a small house (because I don't have the energy and Rich doesn't care- to do much extra) and we have to take note on what works and what doesn't, almost daily.

i have several storage pieces that i need to organize so i don't have my crazy craft items everwhere. i am good at making an organized mess. i really detest cleaning up after my crafting. i'd rather put it all in a box and just keep working from the box instead of putting pieces back into their original place. but, if i keep on doing things that way, i'll have a gazillion boxes around! just think of shel silverstein's poem about the girl who didn't want to wash her dishes! they reached to the sky! that's me (well, not quite!).

did you spy Miss Ella Girl in the pics? she loved my new space so much she wanted to do something crafty herself. so, i gave her something that i had up on Etsy...a trio of bags kit. and, she made these HERSELF. i was personally quite impressed with her designs!!! she made one for her Mommy, too! so sweet! and one for a friend and one for her cousin, Abigail!

one final note, did you see the wire lamp shade? omigosh!! OMISGOSH!!!!! my mother in law found that after she looked at one of my Somerset Life magazines, and thought of me and picked it up for me! she paid .50!!!! it's just a simple but shabby elegant cover for some fabric and trim bundles. thought of somehow displaying pics on it, with clips, and other tidbits. so much i can do.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

my heart

just loves these photos. rich found the perfect hat at a thrift shop for the finishing touch of his civil war era outfit. he needed to wear this outfit for the Grand Parade of this town...the civil war music group he is a part of played on the steamboat float for the hospital he works out. sweet, vintage, and charming!

in between

it's right now, in between services at our church. i came home right after i sang a duet with a friend, to relax for a bit and help get the family ready to return for service #2, and singing again. it's a perfect opportunity to blog!

i wanted to share these photos yesterday but did not have the time to do so. ella at soccer practice last week...and a little boy lounging around at her practice. ;)

this week i am going to make creative plans. i have several projects to make for More Paper Than Shoes, and i have a pretty nice pile of photos that need scrapbooked. i also have fabric set aside for a few other projects. this is the last week before we start school, and i think just doing a couple "fun" things would be helpful to close this "summer" out. ADD to this list a few Etsy ideas i have and a project i need my grandmother's help with!

here's a list of "organizational" and home decorating i'd like to accomplish in the future, near or far future. some of these are in the much distant far future!

*new curtains for the living room (this involves figuring out new color scheme)
*a crafting desk area for me in our bedroom
*paint the bedroom
*redo Ella's room in pink and brown
*get a bookcase for Philip's room
*put WD in Philip's room to sleep
*paint kitchen cupboards.
*clean out kitchen cupboards (there's lots to get rid of)

That's a big list for me, the not so into doing these things with homeschooling starting soon, well, it'll take us awhile! LOL! what i think i will do is keep an inspiration list or notebook for ella's room, and for the curtains, just start looking at fabrics. i am a slow decision makers, so it will take me a few months to decide anyways!

off to to church!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Between my old blogger site,, and this one, this is my 725th post! My first post was November 8, 2006!!!! I've been blogging for almost four years! During my time of blogging, I've discovered new things I love, new friends, old friends, and more about myself. I do hope to continue the search for these things, even though at this time, I feel that I fail to measure up. I had goals for my blogging life from the beginning and the main one has been accomplished-

sharing with my family and friends, photos and stories from our household.

I will try to continue to do so, and I also desire for my blog to encourage others and help in areas that I experience, such as crafting, sewing, homeschooling, and photography. Somedays, I feel that this is just not the case. I feel like my blog just FAILS. And then, that means that I fail. I feel like I fail at everything creative. And these feelings grow when certain things happen, or don't happen, no matter what.

To enlighten this 725th post, though, I will share a few photos. Ella has become quite a reader over the summer, going through a Nancy Drew book a day! She also likes writing little notes in her notebooks....usually they are Christmas lists (HA!), slumber party activity lists, and then mysteries to solve and clues and suspects! Here she is lounging around outside this past week:

and here, at Ella's soccer practice, are the boys taking a hike to pass some time:

I have a wish for my readers, also. The past few weeks at church we are revisiting the virtues, such as peace, joy, gentleness, and love. So, I have a challenge for you as well as for you do these things, whether you believe in God or not? Are you showing patience when your children misbehave or if you're driving behind a "slow poke?" Are you showing joy in all circumstances? Do you have gentleness in your words, written or spoken, and in your actions. Do you love ALL, and not just yourself? AND, do you love YOURSELF, and not just other people? I think that is important too!

Here are a few quotes that have struck me this week....

I saw this Tibetan quote this week on a blog called Untie The Ribbons:
“Help thy sister’s boat across and
lo thine own has reached the shore.”

And this one by Alex Osborn:
"Creativity is so delicate a flower that prasie tends to make it bloom while discouragement often nips it at the bud."

And this one by Antoine De Saint-Exup'ry:
"If you want to build a boat, do not instruct the men to saw wood, stitch the sails, prepare the tools and organize the work, but make them long for setting sail and travel to distant lands."

And another favorite:
"It is better to begin in the evening than not at all." (English Proverb)


Summer days

Are going fast. We start school very soon, in just over a week, and I am excited for the routine that will return. It will be a NEW routine, one that will need tweaking I'm sure, since I am homeschooling TWO children instead of one. At any rate, school is coming, and then that means fall, which makes my heart glad.

My heart has not been light lately. So those little things are important right now. I feel frustrated and hurt, and those feelings are not going away very easily. I truly want to give up all my artistic facets and throw them away. I'd fill the curbside with my stash for sure...I guess that's the only part that makes me smile.

I'm not allowing any comments for this single's not my desire to burden anyone else. This is a very personal issue for me. However, I'd appreciate prayers.

Please don't forget the two giveaways that are still open, in the posts below!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Gift (or two!) for YOU!

I am delighted to give you another opportunity for some goodies! This time, it's from my shop, A Spoonful Of Charm!

What is it? One $10 credit to my shop! I will not be paying shipping costs, so please factor your shipping into the credit, or decide to pay for your own shipping. One person will also win a set of the handmade cornhusk rosettes (one is pictured above)!!!

You can visit my shop by clicking on my shop name in the left hand column to see what is available.

Now, how to get entries. You MUST follow me AND post a comment on this post of what you like in my shop! You can gain MORE entries by blogging about this giveaway, or posting on Facebook.

Don't forget about yesterday's giveaway- a sweet vintage lace piece as well as something that is in the photographs as well! HINT: It carries Lace well!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fragile lace, and giveaway #1!!

i love a particular, local store that has a wide array of vintage goodies. i usually find at least ONE thing to enjoy. the last time i went, i was lucky enough to come upon a basketfull of old doll clothes. hidden underneath (which is another story!) was this antique lacey top. with a silk layer underneath. yes, it's tattered and torn and worn. i don't mind...all that just adds to it's charming appeal. it looks like a child's camise, perhaps, and i have a few ideas of how to spread the love of this vintage treasure....
handsewn cuffs, bracelets
embellish simple understated pillows with a bit of fabric.

a few small pillow ornaments
a journal covered with this sweet lace

handmade rosettes (one of my favorite things to use and make!)
trim on presents
Oh, and before I forget, my mother in law peruses the same village shoppe and had SEEN THIS EXACT little top and tucked it underneath that entire pile of doll clothing (which I purchased most of, of course!). She thought it too precious to be on top. Little did she know, she must have done that for me, her daughter in law! Tomorrow I am posting about another charming "gift"- from my mother in law. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see it, and for another giveaway- it's big!!!!!!!!

If you post a comment with an idea, I will draw a name and send a sweet piece of this vintage treasure to YOU, as well as another charming gift- it's partly in one of these photographs, and will be a surprise! You have until about this and come back and tell me you blogged, you'll receive another entry. Follow me, and you'll recieve ANOTHER entry!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

a little things post

i am daily trying to remind myself of all my little blessings

AND big blessings

i think my LITTLE blessings ARE my big blessings, for one thing.

yes, the girl who covered a whole front of a notebook page with her Christmas lists, with creative spellings, who does not like Daddy taking walks without her, and who MUST read before bed...this is a big blessing.

yes, the boy who is trying to make a generator radio thingy majig to talk to aliens because he saw that on Ella's Holly Hobbie movie, and who is constantly picking on WD, and who also tells me he loves me more than a thousand toys...yes, he is a big blessing.

and, yes, the littlest little who started to say the words: Dude, bubble, and please, only they are sounding like Duuu, bupl, and eezzz, and who has a new pasttime of drawing on mommy's windows with the new washable window markers..yes, he is a big blessing.

and my sweetie, who understands all more shortcomings and abilities, and inabilities, and who still is, my biggest fan, yes he is a big blessing.

but there's lots of little blessings, too

having a moments peace of quiet

not having a moments peace but instead hearing giggles and happy yells 24-7

getting to watch a mommy show (AKA, Alias)

serving leftovers for lunch (i.e. mac n cheese!)

getting to read a book on my iPad

drinking a much anticipated Frappe or similar drink after a looonggg wait

receiving a Studio Calico kit in the mail (yesterday)

having a hurt body due to a fibromyalgia flare up but having LIFE!

knowing my Gram will be taken care of in her new home

having friends that LISTEN and share troubles as well as joy

knowing God is there ALWAYS

having a weekend to catch up and relax

giving of your time and talent, to help others- a TRUE blessing,

and hearing the goings-on of a Saturday morning outside- mowers, insects, people taking walks, kids playing, birds...

having a little childhood plaything handed down to a child- above in the photo, there's my snuggle bear, in an old wagon being pulled by my Ella-girl.

all...Amazing Blessings!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a child

a child truly IS a gift.

a child can take a small, boring moment and turn it into a grand adventure.

a sweet little word from a child can bring a smile.

seeing LOVE from a child prompts us to give MORE love.

a child makes ME reach higher, strive longer, work harder to make a home the home she or he needs.

there is NO child that is not worthy of love, of needs met, of comfort....

there are MANY of us who MUST learn to give more to those in need, including myself.

and that is why, for my children this year, i am pursuing this COMPASSIONATE missions study...

here is a photo containing a couple more resources we will be using.

we actually start this month with this- because i love the calendar i got from MultiCulural Kids, and the "children around the world" little bookmark thingies...

two countries per month. the "calendar country" along with one from Galloping the Globe book.

then, adding the reading and discussion and activities from Mission Moments as well.

and, with a happy giving heart, i will have them sponsor a child.

THIS is the time for this. i KNOW. i am thankful to GOD that HE has brought this certain study our way, to our family. i feel a bit overwhelmed with it, but little by little, with perseverance, i'll get what we need for each week. along with the CONFIDENCE i need to teach.

and for some cuteness, here are a few pics of WD and the "buddy bear" that is actually, well, Buddy's! HA!


Monday, August 2, 2010

August MPTS Design Team Challenge

If you are up for a challenge, go swing by the More Paper Than Shoes blog to find out more! It's shabby, Parisian, uses crackly paint, metal, and fabric!

For my project, which is a journal cover, I used the following:

Zip Dry
Claudine Hellmuth Paint and Gesso
Staz On Ink, Brown

My journal cover is from Hobby Lobby...I found it clearanced. It looked a bit different, but with paint and the crackling affect, turned out JUST like I wanted it too. I created that butterfly using this punch, and then carefully cutting a few edges to create the butterfly's shape, and added craft supply stamens for it's "feelers." The letter stickers (and metal pieces, I think, also) are by Making Memories. The "be it ever so humble" sticker is from this 7 Gyspies Sticker Sheet. And last but not least, a craft supply feather, and tiny sticker pearls from Prima.

I have great plans, HA!, for this little beauty- perhaps making it into a blog banner in the future.