Saturday, August 14, 2010


Between my old blogger site,, and this one, this is my 725th post! My first post was November 8, 2006!!!! I've been blogging for almost four years! During my time of blogging, I've discovered new things I love, new friends, old friends, and more about myself. I do hope to continue the search for these things, even though at this time, I feel that I fail to measure up. I had goals for my blogging life from the beginning and the main one has been accomplished-

sharing with my family and friends, photos and stories from our household.

I will try to continue to do so, and I also desire for my blog to encourage others and help in areas that I experience, such as crafting, sewing, homeschooling, and photography. Somedays, I feel that this is just not the case. I feel like my blog just FAILS. And then, that means that I fail. I feel like I fail at everything creative. And these feelings grow when certain things happen, or don't happen, no matter what.

To enlighten this 725th post, though, I will share a few photos. Ella has become quite a reader over the summer, going through a Nancy Drew book a day! She also likes writing little notes in her notebooks....usually they are Christmas lists (HA!), slumber party activity lists, and then mysteries to solve and clues and suspects! Here she is lounging around outside this past week:

and here, at Ella's soccer practice, are the boys taking a hike to pass some time:

I have a wish for my readers, also. The past few weeks at church we are revisiting the virtues, such as peace, joy, gentleness, and love. So, I have a challenge for you as well as for you do these things, whether you believe in God or not? Are you showing patience when your children misbehave or if you're driving behind a "slow poke?" Are you showing joy in all circumstances? Do you have gentleness in your words, written or spoken, and in your actions. Do you love ALL, and not just yourself? AND, do you love YOURSELF, and not just other people? I think that is important too!

Here are a few quotes that have struck me this week....

I saw this Tibetan quote this week on a blog called Untie The Ribbons:
“Help thy sister’s boat across and
lo thine own has reached the shore.”

And this one by Alex Osborn:
"Creativity is so delicate a flower that prasie tends to make it bloom while discouragement often nips it at the bud."

And this one by Antoine De Saint-Exup'ry:
"If you want to build a boat, do not instruct the men to saw wood, stitch the sails, prepare the tools and organize the work, but make them long for setting sail and travel to distant lands."

And another favorite:
"It is better to begin in the evening than not at all." (English Proverb)



Anonymous said...

This has truely been and enriching and encouraging blog...thanks for sharing...I look at the quote about teaching the builders to long for journey. It makes me think about what I need to be doing as a teacher...of students in chemistry AND of anyone I stand in front of to speak, whether at church or elsewhere...
With pride in you,

Anonymous said... the way: there should be some prize for #725, right?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog... You always share so many beautiful thoughts.
And I always love the pics.