Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a child

a child truly IS a gift.

a child can take a small, boring moment and turn it into a grand adventure.

a sweet little word from a child can bring a smile.

seeing LOVE from a child prompts us to give MORE love.

a child makes ME reach higher, strive longer, work harder to make a home the home she or he needs.

there is NO child that is not worthy of love, of needs met, of comfort....

there are MANY of us who MUST learn to give more to those in need, including myself.

and that is why, for my children this year, i am pursuing this COMPASSIONATE missions study...

here is a photo containing a couple more resources we will be using.

we actually start this month with this- because i love the calendar i got from MultiCulural Kids, and the "children around the world" little bookmark thingies...

two countries per month. the "calendar country" along with one from Galloping the Globe book.

then, adding the reading and discussion and activities from Mission Moments as well.

and, with a happy giving heart, i will have them sponsor a child.

THIS is the time for this. i KNOW. i am thankful to GOD that HE has brought this certain study our way, to our family. i feel a bit overwhelmed with it, but little by little, with perseverance, i'll get what we need for each week. along with the CONFIDENCE i need to teach.

and for some cuteness, here are a few pics of WD and the "buddy bear" that is actually, well, Buddy's! HA!



QueenBe said...

What a sweet post. Great blog, thank you for commenting at mine enabling me to find yours! I am off now to go check out your Etsy shop.

Anonymous said...

What a grand portrayal of words and pictures that mark out your feelings and those of countless other moms and dads!