Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fragile lace, and giveaway #1!!

i love a particular, local store that has a wide array of vintage goodies. i usually find at least ONE thing to enjoy. the last time i went, i was lucky enough to come upon a basketfull of old doll clothes. hidden underneath (which is another story!) was this antique lacey top. with a silk layer underneath. yes, it's tattered and torn and worn. i don't mind...all that just adds to it's charming appeal. it looks like a child's camise, perhaps, and i have a few ideas of how to spread the love of this vintage treasure....
handsewn cuffs, bracelets
embellish simple understated pillows with a bit of fabric.

a few small pillow ornaments
a journal covered with this sweet lace

handmade rosettes (one of my favorite things to use and make!)
trim on presents
Oh, and before I forget, my mother in law peruses the same village shoppe and had SEEN THIS EXACT little top and tucked it underneath that entire pile of doll clothing (which I purchased most of, of course!). She thought it too precious to be on top. Little did she know, she must have done that for me, her daughter in law! Tomorrow I am posting about another charming "gift"- from my mother in law. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see it, and for another giveaway- it's big!!!!!!!!

If you post a comment with an idea, I will draw a name and send a sweet piece of this vintage treasure to YOU, as well as another charming gift- it's partly in one of these photographs, and will be a surprise! You have until Sunday....blog about this and come back and tell me you blogged, you'll receive another entry. Follow me, and you'll recieve ANOTHER entry!


Meg Bean said...

I think that would be lovely as baby mini album cover. So delicate and sweet!

L'Hélène said...

I would use that lace on layouts!

Reinspire said...

I would use a bit to embellish a lampshade! Love how it is displayed on that burlap bag!

jamie said...

I love to use antique lace to make yoyo flowers, and you can read about this on my blog

Jess said...

The lace is so elegant And would be beautiful to use to make a memory book for a bride to be to keep her special memories in her new life.