Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i love tall dark and handsome

shelves, that is! (i love tallish, blonde, and handsome, too! heheee!). yesterday, the thought came to me that i should try that shelf on for size and see if it would make a "desk." i have four cubes that are from Michael's to use as the base. i want to get two more, and use them also as a base, so i have even more areas of organization for my "desk." even when i add those other cubes, i will still have enough room underneath for storing my sewing machine, so it's not visible on top at the moment. i have a folding black chair that i will make a slipcover for. above the area, i am not sure what i'm going to do quite yet. i know it needs something but i need to twist my husband's arm to paint our room so i know exactly what to do next.

so now since my stash and work area has been moved out of the kitchen/dining area and is now in our bedroom, things are better in my creative mind. it makes things a little more crowded, but now i can say i have a space that isn't in the way of daily living. ;0 (i have a feeling i'm going to need as much table space anyways for homeschooling two children this year). God blessed us with a small house (because I don't have the energy and Rich doesn't care- to do much extra) and we have to take note on what works and what doesn't, almost daily.

i have several storage pieces that i need to organize so i don't have my crazy craft items everwhere. i am good at making an organized mess. i really detest cleaning up after my crafting. i'd rather put it all in a box and just keep working from the box instead of putting pieces back into their original place. but, if i keep on doing things that way, i'll have a gazillion boxes around! just think of shel silverstein's poem about the girl who didn't want to wash her dishes! they reached to the sky! that's me (well, not quite!).

did you spy Miss Ella Girl in the pics? she loved my new space so much she wanted to do something crafty herself. so, i gave her something that i had up on Etsy...a trio of bags kit. and, she made these HERSELF. i was personally quite impressed with her designs!!! she made one for her Mommy, too! so sweet! and one for a friend and one for her cousin, Abigail!

one final note, did you see the wire lamp shade? omigosh!! OMISGOSH!!!!! my mother in law found that after she looked at one of my Somerset Life magazines, and thought of me and picked it up for me! she paid .50!!!! it's just a simple but shabby elegant cover for some fabric and trim bundles. thought of somehow displaying pics on it, with clips, and other tidbits. so much i can do.



Anonymous said...

Such a lovely space..and of course beaufitul pics of our Ella...always appreciate your you

Reinspire said...

Great idea for a desk!! It will be nice to have a "home" for your supplies. So cute how our girls get inspired by creative work spaces!! Does school start next week for you?