Sunday, August 15, 2010

in between

it's right now, in between services at our church. i came home right after i sang a duet with a friend, to relax for a bit and help get the family ready to return for service #2, and singing again. it's a perfect opportunity to blog!

i wanted to share these photos yesterday but did not have the time to do so. ella at soccer practice last week...and a little boy lounging around at her practice. ;)

this week i am going to make creative plans. i have several projects to make for More Paper Than Shoes, and i have a pretty nice pile of photos that need scrapbooked. i also have fabric set aside for a few other projects. this is the last week before we start school, and i think just doing a couple "fun" things would be helpful to close this "summer" out. ADD to this list a few Etsy ideas i have and a project i need my grandmother's help with!

here's a list of "organizational" and home decorating i'd like to accomplish in the future, near or far future. some of these are in the much distant far future!

*new curtains for the living room (this involves figuring out new color scheme)
*a crafting desk area for me in our bedroom
*paint the bedroom
*redo Ella's room in pink and brown
*get a bookcase for Philip's room
*put WD in Philip's room to sleep
*paint kitchen cupboards.
*clean out kitchen cupboards (there's lots to get rid of)

That's a big list for me, the not so into doing these things with homeschooling starting soon, well, it'll take us awhile! LOL! what i think i will do is keep an inspiration list or notebook for ella's room, and for the curtains, just start looking at fabrics. i am a slow decision makers, so it will take me a few months to decide anyways!

off to to church!


Anonymous said...

...and so how did the song go this am? make me tired just reading your project list...again, I really liked the quotes from blog previous...

Sweet Peripety said...

The song went makes me tired too! Lol!

Anonymous said...

great pics of Ella...and WD oh my goodness...that pic is priceless.