Saturday, August 7, 2010

a little things post

i am daily trying to remind myself of all my little blessings

AND big blessings

i think my LITTLE blessings ARE my big blessings, for one thing.

yes, the girl who covered a whole front of a notebook page with her Christmas lists, with creative spellings, who does not like Daddy taking walks without her, and who MUST read before bed...this is a big blessing.

yes, the boy who is trying to make a generator radio thingy majig to talk to aliens because he saw that on Ella's Holly Hobbie movie, and who is constantly picking on WD, and who also tells me he loves me more than a thousand toys...yes, he is a big blessing.

and, yes, the littlest little who started to say the words: Dude, bubble, and please, only they are sounding like Duuu, bupl, and eezzz, and who has a new pasttime of drawing on mommy's windows with the new washable window markers..yes, he is a big blessing.

and my sweetie, who understands all more shortcomings and abilities, and inabilities, and who still is, my biggest fan, yes he is a big blessing.

but there's lots of little blessings, too

having a moments peace of quiet

not having a moments peace but instead hearing giggles and happy yells 24-7

getting to watch a mommy show (AKA, Alias)

serving leftovers for lunch (i.e. mac n cheese!)

getting to read a book on my iPad

drinking a much anticipated Frappe or similar drink after a looonggg wait

receiving a Studio Calico kit in the mail (yesterday)

having a hurt body due to a fibromyalgia flare up but having LIFE!

knowing my Gram will be taken care of in her new home

having friends that LISTEN and share troubles as well as joy

knowing God is there ALWAYS

having a weekend to catch up and relax

giving of your time and talent, to help others- a TRUE blessing,

and hearing the goings-on of a Saturday morning outside- mowers, insects, people taking walks, kids playing, birds...

having a little childhood plaything handed down to a child- above in the photo, there's my snuggle bear, in an old wagon being pulled by my Ella-girl.

all...Amazing Blessings!


Reinspire said...

Love the photo of the bear in the wagon from behind. That bear reminds me of Abigail's snowbear! I need to get a photo like that of her bear!! It is always good to count our blessings!

lisa truesdell said...

this made me smile.. love the photos, love the thoughts. awesome outlook!