Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after!

Oh my, somehow we made it for church today, even Sunday School! Following church (and it was a sweet, acoustic driven service), the kids and I just stayed home, and either played or rested. It was the perfect day for a nap, I must say, for WD and I at least!

Ella and Philip are so content with the fact that this is a week of no school. I am too, for that matter. I have some goals related to homeschooling and organizing the books and papers, but no teaching will I do!

This week Rich has two days off work, since he worked yesterday (Christmas DAY!) and today. We are planning NOTHING on those days. Ella and I are having some girl time with her friend, her sister, and her mother on Wednesday. Sometime this week, my sister in law and I are having a "winter party" for the kids...really, it will be majorly low key but we'll call it a party anyways.

I want to spend some time putting recently finished layouts in my scrapbooks. Recently means "anything done within the past six months." HA! I wish I knew someone other than myself that would like to look at them!

Speaking of scrapbooking, I need to include a little list of Studio Calico things I would LOVE to have (but won't at this point) for a giveaway they are doing.....keeping my fingers crossed....had to let go of my subscription there and it pains me because I think the upcoming kit they have is just super sweet. It has a book stamp! So here's my list, well, if you call one thing on my list as list!

1. An SC subscription beginning with the Who's Who kit! (because the Who's Who kit looks like it would've been my favorite ever!)

Well, I'm off to link this blog up to the giveaway post, finish my tea, tuck a couple of kids in their beds, hug my littlest little, and give my sweetie a kiss especially because he was the laundry man tonight..I think I saw him go up and down the stairs four times with laundry. Bless his heart!


ps here's a page i did a couple weeks of my favorites because of the vintage look!


re:Inspire said...

Love that scrapbook page of Ella! I would love to see the pages you have been working on!! Hope you can get some Calico goodies after all!!

Anonymous said...

Christmas was fun and so meaningful...thank you...I was a ZERO yesterday after was toasty and uplifting there...alas, our friends had to sell 90% of their dairy cows..:(

Sasha Holloway said...

love this .. wowsa