Thursday, December 23, 2010

So close to Christmas

and the excitement of this week is certainly seen here at our house.

the kids made pictures of santa's reindeers and they are now taped upon the piano. oh, what a site. as our their lists. i guess they are making sure everything is done just right.

we're watching Miracle on 34th street and Ella and Philip are right on the floor, eyes glued to the show.

we've eaten some cookies, generously made by my friend, Kimmy.

we've watched the snow flurries make their way to keep the dusting on the ground.

the music of my heart continues to play all of my favorite Christmas carols....O Holy Night, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Good Christian Men Rejoice...i could name almost all of them as my favorites!

i've finished wrapping the kids gifts, except two. i've wrapped my sweetie's gifts, a couple of simple things. and we're planning OUR Christmas for TOMORROW in fact! rich has to work on Christmas Day, so this way, we don't have to rush. the kids now that Santa is coming a day early. i can't recall how we've explained it happening that way at the moment, but they're cool with it!

here's our Christmas card this year. i did not send out near as many and the few i need to send out STILL are without stamps. oh dear!

many Christmas blessings to you!

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Anonymous said...

Ok...sounds like great fun...tell everyone that I have become the little mouse in the corner watching it all happen...
:) rem: Emmanuel