Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nine Years

As of yesterday, Rich and I have been married NINE sweet, thrilling years. We are such homebodies, I can't tell you we've moved across country or gone on fabulous vacations, during our marriage. I can't tell you we're living in a 3000 square feet home or enjoy countless date nights. I can't even tell you we have a super duper sleep schedule here! However, I CAN tell you this:

*God had amazing timing bringing us together
*We are blessed with three beautiful children
*We share, learn, make mistakes, have triumphs, and grow together....
*We love each other's In-Laws, and families, which I count a HUGE blessing these days
*I get to homeschool!
*While I get to homeschool, we do without, but have faith and trust in each other
*Our home is cozy, and filled with LOVE for each other.
*Our children get to hear live music on a daily basis, thanks to their daddy and mommy
*We promise to love each other forever in this life
*and We are continuously striving to show God's love and purpose to our children.

To celebrate, we got pizza. He went and got my favorite magazine for me: Somerset Life. AND, we had an evening visitor or two that made us feel extra special as well!

So excited to start 2011 off with our anniversary celebration!



Kimmy said...

Your anniversary always makes me smile;-) Love you guys lots!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully expressed!!

Adrienne said...

You blog a lot more when I get the link right! Congrats! This Feb will be nine for us too..we were just babies I guess, huh? ;p

I enjoyed catching up on your happenings!

re:Inspire said...

Lovely post! Happy Anniversary!