Sunday, January 9, 2011

sweet boy and his bear

for some reason, the act of walking away is something i like to capture.
it's minding their own business...
not aware of being watched...
i secretly wish i could have my own little shed like this
it's so simple, quaint, and inspiring
but i'd store it with a craft room and lovely chair and a chandelier
one can dream!

see those dimples?
so, after i slept in til NOON today, YES NOON
i browsed some amazing photo blogs
and was inspired to have a little different photo shoot with ella
as some know, i am not doing photos for other people anymore.
it is a tough, but SIMPLE, decision.
a good friend who always comes to me for her children, well, i told her
i just don't feel like i'm good for that anymore.
i recently felt "used" and since then my photography spirit has been crushed.
so, EXCEPT for family, and my own family, no extra photos.
not saying this will be forever, but for now yes.
and i THINK i have a reason why...perhaps
GOD is pushing me towards creativity in photography with
my own self...hmmm...perhaps....
and so i had a grand thought and took ella outside in the
COLD but she didn't mind and we were out there all of 3.5 minutes
will share those photos tomorrow.
she is a fabulous and patient model.
as to why i slept in so late
which was like, a first for me...
yesterday, Rich and I played piano for a wedding
it was a delight to do that
he played mandolin
i played the piano
the church was a classic church....small, but with stained glass windows
and a well used but beautiful piano
so, for PRELUDE
we played Simple Gifts, Amazing Grace, Ashokan Farewell,
and a VARIETY of other songs, classics and hymns.
when it came to the processional, and the rest of the ceremony and post,
it was all PIANO, and i honestly
LOVED, each and every MOMENT
wished it would not end
the wedding was sweet,
Christ- centered, loving, and a joy
at the reception, rich and i sat with people we knew (YAY)
and dined without children (what is that?)
we also danced one dance
of course, it was slow
it was right before we left
"Unchained Melody"
oh, one of my favorite songs
the father of the groom commented and smiled at us
when we got on the floor and said to rich,
"I think she likes you." hehee...
that was funny.
the families represented at this wedding reminded rich and i of
our OWN families. and brought back many memories.
my handsome sweetie wore the nicest suite and tie ensemble
guess who picked it out.
the handsome sweetie's wife wore an outfit she just put together
for that night
think romantic candlelight evening
old fashioned, vintage look
velvet ruffled/layered black skirt
lacey off white camisole
ruffled, short sleeved black open sweater
tall black boots, and a handmade choker
with cream buttons and gold button as well,
and gold, rose earrings.
i wish i had a picture of the outfit, it's hard
for me to come up with fancy enough things for special
occasions such as this but i think
i pulled it off.
tomorrow, maybe a picture of the accessories or something.
i'd like to share those earrings.
we knew after this wedding, also, that the Lord used us to
MINSTER to others that attended.
the comments included acknowledgement that God truly
must have brought us together
for a special purpose such as sharing music together
the groom and his bride told us as they awaited the
beginning of the ceremony, they had
to try very hard not to cry
we were told how much the music meant to the listeners, but
HONESTLY, it was such an honor
to be a part of this special time for this couple.
rich and i now have a wonderful, tender memory to share with
one another,
and wow, it is something that does not involve our little ones
and we love our little ones, with so much love and heart,
but to have this, as part of husband and wife memory bank
what a gift God gave us!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...I cannot wait until I get back home to absorb what I just read...wonderful words make wonderful pictures.

Jenn said...

Amy, you won my twine giveaway! Woohoo!!!

Just email me your contact info @

and I will get you connected to Kim @ endless inkabilities.

Kelly Noel said...

your photos are beautiful!

Jenn said...

Amy, it sounds simply magical. What a blessing. I think weddings can make us remember why we were once the ones at the alter, you know?

re:Inspire said...

So glad to hear you and Rich shared a precious moment and memory together. Those are equally as important as creating memories with our children!