Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What we did TODAY!

We went headfirst into our homeschooling today. We slept in a bit, which was fine by me since WD had me up during the night a little bit. He got a little restless. First things first: Devotional, a short one on obedience from a free kids devotional I get bimonthly.

Then, Ella started the day with double-duty math. Then, reading and the worksheets with it (comprehension and phonics).

Philip did a bit of penmanship, phonics, and math as well as reading two books (the two books are copied/stapled from Ella's kindergarten years.....works out nicely for us to use the little books she learned to read that year!).

After a break/lunch, we went into social studies- discussing Catherine the Great and comparing who she was before and after her Queen-hood. An interesting little activity was suggested with comparing attributes of Sophia-Catherine, and then your students as well. So, for Philip, we decided on Playful, Happy, Interesting, Loud, Intelligent, and Percocious. Ella- Energetic, Likeable, Loving, and Athletic. We made "hanger" displays. :)

Philip also worked on some more reading during the day, tying his shoes, and a map activity (identifying Ohio and the bordering states). Ella did MORE math, Writing (listening to a short excerpt from a folktale and identifying something to state on paper about it), copywork, and the last bit of comprehension activities from a book called Carolina's Courage.

Ella and Philip worked on answering questions concerning Winter Birds. They also worked on learning important numbers (a bit of review for Ella) such as cell phone numbers for mom and dad, and grandparents.

I must say- it was a full day but really went smoothly and quickly.

Tomorrow, besides the basics, we will do only a quick reading of social studies, English for Ella, maps for her, and for both children, more science (animal tracks) and our State Bingo game that needs a bit more use. I waited to do States/Capitals for no real reason except maybe this can be an easy/fun unit for mid winter. We need to regain our interest in our Story of The World Ancients Study, but perhaps not QUITE this week. Next week will be the goal for that.

On to other things, I've been scrapbooking up a storm here lately. In the past five days, I've completed 18 pages! I've had so much fun. Here are a couple:


re:Inspire said...

Wow! Great job covering all those subjects! Can we borrow some of your energy? Ha! Love your latest pages...beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ha...lotssa good stuff going on...and fun as well...Happy Anniversy on Wednesday!!!

lisa truesdell said...

loving pages - sweet boy is my fave!

*reyanna klein* said...

18 pages?! You HAVE scrapped up a storm! Wow! Good for you! These are cute too! :-)

Meghann said...

Beautiful layouts! Wish I had scrapped that much lately!

Jenn said...

Woohoo on scrapping so much lately!!! And it sounds like your school day was so full and productive-that must feel awesome, too. :)

Susan Beth said...

Love that last layout especially. Catherine the Great - I don't know much about her. Think I need to get to studying!

sasha hOlloway said...

you had an amazing full day .. love the layouts