Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Blessings

tea party with the new bear, and the new
wooden (and "masculine") tea set from Christmas.
this boy LOVES tea.
(because his mother, i suppose, is instilling in him
that love because she drinks a cup 456029929288331 cups a day)
this is wd's "smiley" face for the camera.


love it.

he loves those green rainboots he's sporting there, too.

those are from my parents' neighbors (this photo is from my parents' house).

oh, and the bear....Santa brought that from Build A Bear.

(actually, mommy got it FREE and had fun making it for her little boy).

it says, "i love you," when you squeeze it's paw.

our ella-girl with her grand smile.

and that sweet, sweet coat I found for her at old navy. finally. ugh. FINALLY.

a coat for her was TOUGH to find this year. it's really NOT

for winter, but fall, but here she is with it anyways.

i just adore the vintage look of this photo.

i seriously can't believe it is OUR tree in OUR home.

even the color version has that feel to it!

i'm trying to think of something unique and decorative with it...

maybe enlarging it and then making a canvas or something.

trying to make it more "neutral" and less "only for the holidays" decor.

that I've been thinking of lately.
What are yours?


jamie long said...

those pics are great, gotta love those cheese faces!

Christie said...

What fun pictures...and what sweet babies you have there. :) My littlest is into making this horrible "cheese" face that makes him look like he is in agony! hehe Too, too funny.


Kelly said...

Beautiful beautiful pics xxx

re:Inspire said...

LOVE the photo of your tree and that sweet bear! The kids are so photogenic! Am thankful to be near family and for a not too terribly snowy winter!