Monday, February 14, 2011

A Beginning...

It's right there on the book. The title. One Thousand Gifts.

Intriguing, isn't it? I always try to figure out the meaning of the title, the reference, as I am sure many others do.

Chapter 3 tells you just what you need to know. It's time to count gifts. It's time to let God work in your life in an astonishing way. Here's my start. It's not poetic, it's simple, it's MY life. This means it's personal, it's God given to me, and unique, just like yours would be. It's not time to compare.. It's time to relish and let the joy take over. ( until I can correct the "autocorrect" on my typing, enjoy the funny typos on the list! Lol!)

One Thousand Gifts....the list begins....

1. Buddy's falsetto
2. Memory taking through a camera.
3. Play dough masterpieces
4. Baby love with his wide open arms
5. A song by buddy
6. Serenade by sweetie
7. Too short pants on growing toddler
8. Tall young girl
9. Silly buddy words
10. My biddy playing with light sabers out in snow with friends
11. Sweet baby boy snoring
12. Sound of miniature race car running downstairs...controlled by the big kid of the house
13. Several cups of chai tea a day
14. WD's hair scent
15. His soft head of hair
16. Sweetie folding my laundry
17. Hearing daddy read books to each child
18. Ella's horse drawing
19. WD's love of play dough, never ending
20. Chewing a whole pack of pure bubblegum that was supposed to be the kids..ha.
21. A new Bible
22. Contentment with my state of no scrapbooking "purchases"
23. The feeling of being cared for by the Lord
24. Texting from my mom and dad
25. Texting to my mom and dad
26. A sister in law who loves to decorate
27. Putting together an inspiration board for Ella's room
28. A good fish dinner
29. WD eating mini tubs of butter at bob Evans.
30. Pizza dinners
31.Pancake breakfasts for the kids
32.New ideas
34. The smell of ace hardware
35. Sweet thrift clothing find for Ella
36. Hand lotion
37. A thank you card from neighbors to rich for shoveling snow of theirs
38. Rich's willingness to serve God in the church
39. Practicing my classical music
40. New books to read
41.Library fines to support local library
43. Voluntary hugs from Philip
44. Philip telling me WD is cute.
45. WD excitement ironed barnes and nobles train table
46. Rich saying barnes and noble ton
47. Cold wind outside
48.Warm cozy socks
49. A place to rest comfortably
50.Free science programs
51.Cold glass of water
51.Stillness of heart
52.Hope of mind
53.Rest of body
54.Healing of soul
55. Choo choos for boys
56. Dreaming of a candy bar only to find its gift wasn't a dream
57. Warm baby next to my cold body
58. Paper towels
59. Warm hugs from my second
60. Inspiration fulfilled
61. Good readers
62. A girl scout project
63. The art of gluing bits of papers, and your hands, through decoupage
64. Valentines day happiness
65. Little blond curls on top of WD's head
66. The name sir toppemhat
67. Cheesy smiles for mommy
68. Rushing, whirring, rustling wind sounds day and night
69. Buddies "chew"
70. Being forced to rest even though I have a sore throat and aches
71. Not having to go anywhere for a day
72. Fine point sharpies
73. Blog giveaways
74. Winning blog giveaways
75. Comments on my blog
76. Peace of mind
77. Classical music to increase piano skill
78. Friend appointments
79. New discovery of joys
80. Ella's long hair
81. New, soft animal for Ella that she treasures
82. Buddies new name for his chameleon....colors
83. Art loving children
84. Coffee for my sweetie
85. Early work days for my sweetie
86. Being able to calm a girl down if mistakes are made during school
87. School successes
88. Little cups for Graham crackers and milk
89. The little giggle laugh by WD.
90. The little boy voice of WD
91. The hat that says tall, and silly, upon Sweetie's head
92. Dinners liked and eaten.
93. When nothing good is on TV
94. Re-readng favorite books
95. Discussing certain topics with my dad...some intellectual convos.
96. Buddy wearing a long sleeved shirt!
97. Buddy sharing his Leapster with WD
98. Note taking on the iPad
99. Songs in my heart that won't go away
100. Sweet little attempts by little kids to fix things.


re:Inspire said...

Thanks for sharing such a personal list...can't wait to hear 900 more!

Tonya said...

Wow! What a fabulous list of great little gifts! Lucky you!!!

Kimmy said...

Wonderful...aside from #41! tsktsk;-)

Anonymous said...

WoW!...10% on the are propelling me to get started!!!...This is awesome in the truest sense of the word.

lisa truesdell said...

loving the list - what an awesome idea!