Monday, February 21, 2011

from yellow to pink

It's HERE! The little girl bedroom redo!!!! Above is a sort of sneak peak of the color scheme and the fabrics gathered and used in this blessing of a project!

We were blessed this past Saturday with our own interior decorator- my sister-in-law, Lisa, from Reinspire. How it all started: I emailed her to see if we could barter services, I'd take her childrens' photos (one has a first birthday soon!) if she could redo Ella's room. I think I need to take some VERY VERY good photographs and give her quite a package after seeing this beautiful transformation.

Now, since we moved into this house, about 6 1/2 years ago, Ella's smaller sized room has been yellow. It has worked up until a year or two ago. After child #3, our house exploded. Meaning, the mother isn't keeping up with organizing, decorating as she should be, or could be. And, she's less likely to demand a whole lot of picking up from the children if she doesn't know where things should be in the first place!

The next two photographs are recent, from a few weeks back. Notice the mess on the desk behind our girl. Empty juice bottle. Lots of stuff in front of the register on the floor. Things just hanging on the bed's headboard. We were tired of that headboard, not liking stuffed animals on the ground all the time, needing to purge BIG before Lisa came over, perhaps a week or so before, Ella and I got rid of several bags of trash and also toys. Whew. That was a major undertaking. I'm so glad we did that then, because there was STILL plenty to go through once Lisa was done. We are not super declutterers I guess!

I am so thankful, first of all, that Lisa was so willing to do this. Also, her joyful attitude and approach was refreshing. And, everything she touches is beautiful, so we were all quite excited.

The next six photos were taken in 2008, right after Lisa had made a matching bed/curtain ensemble with pillows. I LOVE the fabric. I forget where we found it. But the quilt Lisa made is most certainly a keepsake. At this point in time, I could decorate "okay." Notice the uncluttered feel of the room. HA!

(Above is the quilt Lisa made, as well as coordinating pillows)

(Notice the sweetly painted letters (Lisa), and handmade tutus (one from Lisa, one from my Gram))

(Some more decorative accents. In particular, the little frames)

On to the fun stuff...the official makeover! I didn't upload these quite in the order I wished to but that's okay. This first photo shows MY favorite part of the room. It may seem silly if you're not into scrapbooking. But LOOK at that paper that was modge podged onto Ella's desk. Just LOOK at it. I LOVE the doily paper (by Studio Calico, I think?). Lisa had asked me to pull pink paper from my stash so she could use on this desk, after she painted it (and the drawers, which were red, green, and blue- ugh!). I found some and LOVE the trio of papers from my stash she ended up using!

This next photo shows you the mirror Lisa attached to Ella's bedroom door (yay! we hadn't had one for her yet!). Also, the star accent and adorable banner hanging above Ella's bed.

This next photo showcases what Lisa did.

Yellow walls GONE, replaced with white on two, and pink paint on the opposite (the right).

Shelves, vertical space, presented beautifully. YAY!

Furniture placement to open the room, as well as a shortened curtain. The curtain is vintage, and Ella really loves the pom pom trim!

Do you notice the third color used in the makeover? The blue? SOOOO soooo excited that worked out. I had found a vintage blue and white sheet set at a local thrift store, and had had plans on using it in my old Etsy shop but never did! So glad I never did! Lisa put that baby to work and used bits and pieces here and there!

Ella enjoying her own little place. I'm so thankful this desk is usable now!

This photo was taken right when Ella entered the center of her new room! The blue and white outfit hanging behind her was sort of an inspiration piece. If you look here at this board I put together on Pinterest, you will see other things that inspired the color scheme and feel of this room! I found that outfit (it's actually a one piece outfit from Children's Place) at a thrift store for $3! Lisa is soooo good at understanding me and KNEW EXACTLY what to do with what we had.

This is my favorite spot of the room, besides the top of the desk! I LOVE the tissue paper pom pom Lisa made! Inspired by one on the Pinterest board! Decorative bags for storing little toys or hair accesories, a basket for toy horses, a place to show off the red cowgirl boots, and a sweet presentation of a horse page I did of Ella when she was petting a horse in its stable at a fair. Lisa took my basic black 12x12 frame and attached matching fabric on it, rosettes, AND made the hanging piece from part of that sheet set. On the bookcase, Lisa also made an adorable curtain from the sheets to hide books and games! Oh, AND a basket liner, too!

That little bear Lisa tucked in behind the lamp was mind when I was a child. SO happy she used the girly dress form. She also brought with her this lamp and reused the lampshade we already had in the room.

It was so cute...Ella wore her horse shirt the day the room was being transformed!

Closer look at one happy Lisa used a couple things I made Ella the past few years. I little scrapbook and round box-purse. She placed a toy sadle, there, too! Cute!

Closer look of the sweet, medium sized tissue paper pom pom! It is a perfect accent. I LOVE where she placed it!

Here's a closer look of the chair Lisa brought over for Ella to use! I love the extra padding (a piece of vintage quilt) and the lovely gingham fabric draping over the back and the bow. Super sweet touch!

A closer look at the bookshelf and the ruffled curtain! Also, the little vintage/fabric/stamped banner is something I made a few months back and on a whim gave to Lisa to see if she could use it with this room. She knew just where to put it...and that, too, is part of her amazing decorating gift!

Another "complete look."

The little flower on the lampshade is an embellishment from Pink Paislee. In the back of the photo, you can see two of those little frames that had already been in Ella's room. Lisa attached ribbon on the front to match the room and also two little horse pictures are now framed inside them!

A better look at the new (well, vintage but new to us!) bedding.

Here's a better look, also, of the scrapbook page. I think it's one of my favs I've ever done of Ella!

I think this is the longest post I've ever posted! And, it most certainly took the longest to create! I hope you enjoyed it. I wanted to showcase Lisa's handiwork. And just so you know, everything we had already or had bought "thriftilly" sometime before, and we ONLY purchased the two gallons of paint! So you know you can transform a room on a budget!

Lisa's handiwork- There's so much of it and it truly blessed our family. Including my husband who already wants to repaint OUR bedroom and I am not sure I am ready for that just yet! Thank you, Lisa, for doing this room makeover. It is a priceless gift!

I will show more of the room soon this week! I forgot to mention a couple other details!


Anonymous said...'ve got to be kidding me!! I am speechless!! Ok, Ella...what a gift...Can't wait 2 c the live view...

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Chris Dodaj said...

Amy, how lucky you are indeed! It's a gorgeous redo!!!

re:Inspire said...

Amy, you are sooo sweet! I truly enjoyed every moment of this makeover, and I just loved how thrifty we were in the process! Together we made this room a very special place for an almost 8 year old to hideaway in! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this fun project! So glad Ella is enjoying it

Rosalie said...

fantastic!!! lisa can come and do some re-do's at my place anytime ;o) hehe

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

What a cute room!! Love it all!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely adorable! Beautiful! And love the joy on sweet Ella's face! :)

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this is awesome, amy!