Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to change your life

I wonder about this now and then. And of what COULD have been had this or that had not happened. And what of more time had passed between circumstances. What choices were made seemingly incorrectly but have become astonishingly clear. The clarity we have, we think we have sometimes, doesn't even come CLOSE to the clearness of heart and mind that God has. And, our God, he has all the answers. Oh how we soon forget and lay that truth aside. And as we lay that aside, we don't let our hearts fill with his goodness and grace. Doubts and fear create strongholds in our thoughts. What was once a blessed part of one's life could become a cursed one. Our Bibles lay gathering a bit of dust each day. A little? That's okay! With a simple wipe of the back of my hand I can clean that all away. But what if you forget? What if that little insignificant wipe of your hand becomes so insignificant that it really doesn't matter anymore? What if you end up not caring? That is a far cry from just contemplating your lifetime experiences. That's plain old forgetting, no- discarding the one who has truly LOVED you with an everlasting love.

I don't want that. I want His love to be touching me every single day. Each moment. As much as possible. But I get in the way of myself. A struggle with a child, with patience. A tough night of sleep. Misunderstandings between friends. Your spouse is stressed at work. You don't feel good enough. These things get in the way, don't they? They seem to be things that are so, so big in the picture of the world in our mind. We forget that the picture we took isn't the right perspective.

When I take photographs of my children, I get down to their level. I don't mind it. It makes me see things the way they see things. The world at their fingertips. It's their perspective that gives me insight to their world. How much is that like ourselves and God. HIS picture will give us the way to live our lives. He's the Author, right? He's the Creator, correct? Why do we so often depend upon our own perspective to see into God's?

We are a people who are sinful from the beginning, who need God to give us salvation, and a hope. When we are willing, He saves. When we ask, He gives. When we hurt, He loves. When we seek, He is there.

As we begin to take note of His undying, unrelenting love for us, we can see so much more of our own lives. How much joy could be found in understanding all that He has done for us? How much peace would we have in our hearts if we could see what His hands are holding- us. How much more confidence we would have when we see He is NEVER letting go.

I want to seek this ONE who holds my life. I am tired of feeling like a failure, insignificant, and lukewarm. Oh, I suppose I am not all those things all the time. It's my own fatigue and expectations, however mislead they are, that create these feelings. I want the simple joys God brings to always be in my thoughts, and actions.

What prompted this post from me? Well, a book, nonetheless. Reading the Word recently, and coming across this book, One Thousand Gifts, and it's book club (Bloom)that starts tomorrow. With ebook in hand, and a hardcover coming this week, I am expectant that God will use His own words and words of the author to bless these women that are wanting to live fuller, Godly lives.


Ursula said...

You make me think of the things I've been posting on my own blog lately. I've been seeking my God with a renewed vigor lately. Reading, reading, praying, praying, on my face, on my knees, in my bed. He is there and I am so thankful for that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Kimmy said...

Beautiful post, inspiring thoughts! Love you, friend!

Susan Beth said...

Amy, I'm in the middle of the book now, and would love a link to the book club - I saw the video, but didn't hear anything, and don't know where to go for the book club, or if it is evenopen to people. I'll search the internet! Thanks for sharing. I love the book and have some questions that would be great to discuss with others who have read it.

Susan Beth said...

I found the book club! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Sam said...

Great, insightful post.

Anonymous said...

Amy I think I am reading the Psalms when I read some of your posts. The thoughts come from a place that not all experience.
Thank you for taking time to compose thoughts on the journey.


Anonymous said...

...and so...I can really see your own book unfolding...thank You for your thoughtful and insightful words...I do believe we all identify with what you write...I especially am struck with the analogy re taking pictures and getting on the kids' level...I may have to use that in a talk sometime...may I?

Chris Dodaj said...

Thanks for recommending this Amy! I'm going to get this for myself!