Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Next Christians, by Gabe Lyons

Yes, it's true to some degree that Christians are not fondly thought of. But have they ever been? Does it place us in the direction of being or becoming lukewarm? Does the dislike and apprehension of us who follow Christ constitute a new way of spreading the Gospel to it thinnest form? Is today's culture the variable to which we should place our focus? Is it true Christianity to not state outright how to become a Christian or is it being made available to those who are searching, right where they are at? I believe this book focuses on questions such as these. I think this book has some truth, well, lots of truth, but perhaps is a bit gray on other parts. Clearly there is a new wave of Christians in this age. Why? Culture is constantly changing. And as followers of Christ we SHOULD be firm in our beliefs, for starters, and understand what it is to be a Christian. What IS our calliing? The author gives names to the different types of Christians and further explains each: the Separatist (for example, evangelizers), Cultural (blenders), and Restorers. According to Gabe Lyons, the Restorers are the ones who will succeed in showing Christ's love to the world as we know it. The Restorers don't end offended, they don't judge, they remain in community, they are grounded in their faith, are called creators, and are countercultural. I say, take this book positively. I feel it was very informative, in basic terms with sound examples, the variety of Christians roaming the world today and how they show truth. I get that this age needs a revised view of Christians, but let's not lose sight of what God calls us to do in his Word. I think danger lies in being in the center of the world for many Christians out there- unless they are attending Church (or at least fellowshiping with other Christiasn), praying daily, and seeking Him throught the Bible. THAT is my opinion. I love how he throws out the term "Restorer." I think it is a great way, a passionate way, to think of Christians today, and should be an inspiration for those that wish to change the world, one by one. I recommend this book, and this review is of my own opinion. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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Laura said...

Thank you for this thoughtful response to Lyons' books. I too love the concept of a Restorer Christian!

Have you ever visited Lyons' blog It discusses more of how we live out this call to be the Restorer. Check out the Q Studies as well. They're awesome!