Monday, February 7, 2011

When does your story start?

A singular question that could have the result of numerous answers.
Your birth?
A christening or dedication?
That earnest time of college-seeking?
Perhaps the first question that needs answered is this:
What IS a story?
Is it the start of the remembering?
Or is it the ART of life beginning
at any point in time.
Is it the perserverance at the time of pain and suffering?
Is it when the arms of God wrapped around you?
I believe it could be any of those, or all.
Another question:
What is so important about my story?
It describes who you are and what you leave behind.
It's unique, one of a kind.
Perhaps it's not wise to wish people would understand you more....
and let yourself be YOURSELF.
There's only one YOU and God proclaimed
this in His Word.
So why would we wallow in self pity, self exclaimed failure,
our own faults?
Why not pursue who God made us to be?
And what DID God make us to be?
He made us so we would call unto Him
in ALL things.
We are called to be Sons and
Daughters of the King.
This is not a post in pursuit of eplaining our roles as "royalty."
It's not even a call to put in words, your journey in this life.
It's a post of desire.
A plea to remain rooted in God.
In prayer, in word.
A desire to unveil the imperfect, forgiving,
painful, sweet, long, eternally rewarding ways in which
we FOLLOW along this journey.
A request to react, in all things, with pure, honest joy-feelings.
Thankfulness enduring.
Faith persuing.
Hope reigning.
So, where does your story begin? When you think on that, think of how many
different responses you had...did you lose your footing, find yourself meandering along
flighty paths, forget to bring nourishment?
Or did you learn. Forgive yourself. Fall and pick yourself up. Wipe a tear away
and then smile with God's love in your heart.
Response. Flight or flee. Run or stay. Hide....or seek.
Did you let a seed plant, a seed of righteousness.
Remember to water it?
Let the Sun feed it.
Do you know what your seed will reproduce?
My story-
darkness and despair of the soul after calm, sweet childhood.
anxiety, depression, inability to cope in circumstances
Seed planted-
hope? peace? fullness of joy?
prayer, Bible, loyal family, sweet friends
I hope, smiles in painful times, joy in everyday moments.

This little boy has certainly be a ray of light feeding my soul.

I've seen God's hands in this little person, and with each day, I see how God is imprinting

his Love in his heart. And mine.

My "story" could possibly have started after giving birth to her.

My beautiful joy child. Whom I missed somehow those first 12 or so months.

Whom I feel I fail most of all as I trod along this path.

My soul must remain true to its Creator, however, and

daily I rely on God's truth and all he

REVEALS to me.

Don't take your story for granted. Keep it close.

Do not discard. Do not let it remain dormant.

Your fruit may wither when you think your done. Keep

PRUNING, watering, nourishing.

With the one and only,

Lord of All.


re:Inspire said...

This book looks like a must read! Thanks for sharing about the book and a bit about your story!

Anonymous said...

I am certainly left without words as I completed this tender, yet magnificent writing. It is one I will read over and over...for some reason I keep thinking of a short phrase: ...faithful, He is faithful.