Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A quote for Tuesday...

"Do not have your concert first and tune your instruments afterward. Begin the day with God."

J. Hudson Taylor

Monday, May 30, 2011

i can't tell you how much

how much i love this little fellow.

and this isn't saying i love him more than the others. ohhhh. no. no. no.

they are each endearing to me.

i just am able to truly take many singular moments and turn them into years of joy, thanks to my God and His goodness.

and he really isn't a thumb sucker. ha. he had just hurt his little finger.

and daddy really loves helping him do things.

and showing him new things to do. like fishing wearing mismatched boots. that kills me. just kills me.

i love this little boy. two and a half. God blessed me in so many ways with this one child. i pray he does what God desires him to be.

meanwhile, i look at my own life and pray i can become what God wants me to be...which is most certainly the best mother i can be to the precious lives we've been charged with. thank you, Lord, for each moment, each day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyond All Measure, review

After the Civil War, a young woman, Ada Wentworth, from Boston travels to Hickory Ridge, Tennessee. She obtains a job as a lady's companion to an elderly woman, Lillian Willis. After a little rough start in meeting her new employer, she realizes Ms. Willis is a tough cookie. However, she has no intentions of failing at her new job, as she has a dream she wishes to pursue while employed here. Within the first day, you see how Ada has reason to doubt her Heavenly Father because of the death of her mother, and the loss of a man she loved.

Before long, Ada's knack for millinery is discovered by her employer, and others. She accepts a little bit of work, with her own interests in mind, but the man who is her employer, Wyatt, and his aunt, who is Lillian, do not agree with her pursuit. It's on her mind to be independent, and she faces her worries with determination. Soon, she and Wyatt argue over her "other job" as he wants her full attention on his aunt. What makes it difficult is her growing attraction for the man, and vice versa.

Another character in the book, a little girl named Sophia, is a sweet, bright girl who Ada befriends. Others do not approve of their relationsip, as she is black, but Ada continues to go against the townspeople but with harrassment along the way.

I truly enjoyed this book. As a romantic at heart, and a lover of historical fiction, it met all my criteria for a perfect read!

I received this book in return for a review, from BookSneeze, and all thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

you do what you got to do

ella is all about getting every last bit

of the good stuff

sweet stuff

she'll even resort to the above to get. it. all.

i love her.

it is one thing that makes her HER, you know?

she's not about to stop doing the licking the bowl thing either

not yet anyways

she doesn't care if you're looking at her

she just wants to savor the batter

to the last little smidgen

do you want to savor what God has given you

down to the last little bit?

i think the act of savoring something is acknowledging

your thankfulness, in part or in full

isn't it?

when you savor

you are more apt to dwell on the gift

the giver, too

you think on how to USE the gift

maybe it could bless others?

so ponder away. take your time. live the moment.

taste it. enjoy the Lord.

Monday, May 23, 2011

and He holds us

covers HIS own hands with our dirt

filth, grime, unrighteousness

it's all the same, that sin

he holds so well

so tightly

one speck of mine is one of yours

holding them both, all on HIS skin

we wonder

where does it go?

why does it seem to be a mystery to us...

death, cross, risen, forgiven

complex but simple

HE takes our dirt from us

HIS righteousness covers that filth

oh, it covers, wipes white as snow

"But God proves his love for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us."

Romans 5:8, NRSV

but we pack it on again

little by little perhaps

time will tell

then heavily without the concept of pain or punishment

oh, why do we do so?

nonetheless, HE still cares.




to make us, the ungodly,


is it love?

"He loved us not because were were lovable, but because He is Love."

C.S. Lewis

i look at my own dirt.

not the dirt of my son, on his hands, not the creature

he is holding.

what am I holding on to?

why not LET it Go?

to the ONE who can purify the heart?

"...he delivered me, because he delighted in me."

Psalm 18:19, NSRV

gone fishin'

caught some worms. look at the proud little smile.

one of course needs proper attire on one's feet,

even if the shoes don't match and are on the wrong feet. the fish don't care.


the sister, trying to see what she can get with her little net

hm. not sure if he was just tired. feeling left out. or faking out the fish.

you can't see it, but the fish is there on the grass somewhere.

last night's fishing trip was fun for all.

i sure wanted to stay home and relax but knew it would be

a great time to get some pics.

and the good news is i have even more fishing photographs to share tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the pleasure of hosting a table at a church ladies tea

how about that for a long post title?

it was fun, demanding, and rewarding. the ladies tea at my church this past saturday.

i was so extremely grateful that my sister in law, Lisa, had some things that really set my table apart and showed "my" style. my china, a mix of our wedding china and a few sets of my grandmas, did well together. my mother had several white tablecloths that i borrowed. ella helped me set the table. she was a WONDERFUL helper. and it was so special for her since she won a prize for her teacup points- a free haircut and a huge bottle of hairspray. so excited for her because she never went to an official beauty salon. i've just trimmed it myself.

i wasn't able to take as many photographs of my table as i had liked, due to other demands, but here are a few. i also had to take photos of groups of people, so my time was split being a table hostess and a photographer. luckily, Ella and I had table guests, well 2 out of 3, who were our neighbors! and they were very understanding. next year, i will not be able to do both. so i will do what is needed. i really wish i could do both, but truly, it was exhausting to set up the table and then take photos and then host and THEN after taking photos, know i have to take down my table decor AND then work on those photos for another couple hours. not doing that next year. one or the other unless i was wonder woman. and when i was little, i always wanted to be wonder woman, amy diane wonder woman snyder, to be exact, but lo and behold, that is not the case!

next year, i will provide small favors if i have a table. i loved the theme of our table...it was an eclectic mix of Parisian, birds, and vintage. it was nice to hear lovely comments about the little, extra touches. i used some scrapbooking supplies as a last minute addition- such as the little white feathers, the cameo buttons, and the miniature flashcards that said, mother, sister, friends, etc. lisa had ribbon ties for the chairs, tags, crochet doilies, and a few other things for me to use, bless her heart!

hope you enjoyed this little taste of tea!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

what does God promise

what does God promise?

is it different than when the apostles walked the earth?

does he speak with a silent but strong voice, or show a message of promise another way?

is it a dream?

a spoken word from someone else?

a song?

the tug at your heart?

what you spent your devotional time studying?

how can you be sure?

how are God's promises shown in the Bible?

well, some are written in RED.

others, in examples such as Rahab or Abraham.

the new testament speaks of what we receive from the Lord.

the HOLY SPIRIT....God's love eternally....

what are YOUR thoughts on God's promises?

do they stand in your mind as something you can grasp or do you feel they are always staying ahead of you where you cannot take hold of them?

believe that God's promises are true, and GOOD.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Scent of Water, a review

I had the most wonderful opportunity to review a book published by Zondervan called The Scent of Water, by Naomi Zacharias. The author gives you the geography of the world as she travels and meets various peoples in some heartwrenching situations, as well as giving you the geography of her heart, and how she has lost and learned, felt pain and gain. I loved her writing style. She is skilled at using literature, myths, and fairytales to bring about her points so we may understand her better, and this world we live in. I was impressed at her vulnerability in sharing these stories. For within these stories, she shared her own faults, fears, failures and HOPES as well.

I have a heart for people of other cultures other than my own, and reading this book gave me more knowledge of what to pray for, a better insight of the world's needs, and lessons on God's heart as well. Zacharias makes a plea to women, to people, to know how important God's plan is for her. She makes a statement that humanity needs human touch. She, in turn, gave that human touch in form of a book to us, after various peoples "touched" her in her life experiences. I think that is a treasure chest FULL of answered prayers, hopes, dreams, longings, and more. I am very thankful to have seen bits of her life, of other people who hung on to the hand of God when it was not easy, through this well-written book.

I think EVERY Christian woman should take this book of their library shelf and let its messages inspire! I was given this book free in return for a review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Courting Miss Amsel, review

Kim Vogel Sawyer has put out yet another delightful read. And as a homeschool mom, this book caught my eye as I read the summary. Sawyer's sweet character, Edythe, begins her first teaching assignment in Nebraska. The folks of this town are not prepared for her "outlandish" teaching methods. As an eclectic-style homeschooler, I understand her desire to reach children where they are so her story touched my heart a bit. I like to share the joys of learning with my children in different, unexpected ways. Just like Edtythe. However, so far, I have not had to deal with outspoken people, or get a threat to be fired from my job.

As far as her students go, however, they love their new teacher, especially two small boys. Their father is, of course, going to be interested in this new teacher of their's as well! But Edythe enjoys her freedom, as much as she has had of it- she has responsibilities but in fact, she she's such freedom in her teaching. Will she let go of that to listen to her heart? Will the townspeople allow to reach out to her students in the way she desires? I invite you to enjoy this pleasant, sweet read if you appreciate a good historical Christian romance!

I received this complimentary copy in return for a review from Bethany House.

Another Dawn, review

Kathryn Cushman is clearly not afraid to approach a difficult subject in many circles- vaccinations. I have always felt that the decision to vaccinate is such a deep personal choice, and have no strong feelings either way. That said, reading this book was hard for me. I felt the anguish of Grace. The judgement she faced from her family, friends, and more was crushing. Her little boy was put in a position she made for him. Cushman also portrayed the anguish of parents on the other side- the pain of losing a child, of having one ill....from someone else's personal choice- heartbreaking. I personaly have seen a bit of this situation a few years back with friends, within a church, and it definitely pitted one sister in Christ against another Sister. Heartbreaking.

I value the Christian fiction that shows the tough side of life. The raw. The reality. The pain. The glow of hope, that may begin a bit dim, but grows with each passing page because of faith in the Lord. I feel that Cushman wrote a telling story. One that perhaps showed how second chances and standing strong in your beliefs can help you in your life's journey. I hope that those who have read this book gain insight on how to overcome personal prejudices and judgement when it comes to things such as vaccinations.

I believe this is a great book to add to your reading list! I received this book free from Bethany House and am not required to write a positive review.

Mine is the Night, review

Mine Is The Night, by Liz Curtis Higgs

I've always enjoyed reading historical fiction, with a little bit of romance, and a unique alliteration to the Bible, especially the story of Ruth? GENIUS! I absolutely loved this book. It is on my shelf of favorites! I loved every detail, every piece, every character. Higgs has a gift of bringing history to life, and teaching us not only through her own words but bringing us along our own spiritual journey as well.

The main character, Elizabeth Kerr, whose name reminded me of a classic hollywood star, ended up in a situation no woman would envy- widowed, a name almost all destroyed, with barely anything of comfort of her own. However, her desire to maintain her relationship with her mother in law, Marjory, allowed her to gain so much more than she every imagained. A true love. A true, deeper faith. Higgs intrigued me with her pen-style, and how she blended details and facts of the story of Ruth into her own work. It had details I didn't expect and I appreciate that from any author.

I have to admit, I hadn't appreciated the novel that preceeded this one. But this was such an appropriate sequal to Here Burns My Candle, and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to read a well crafted story. I received this book free from Waterbrook Press, publishing company, for this review, and I am not required to write a positive review.