Monday, May 30, 2011

i can't tell you how much

how much i love this little fellow.

and this isn't saying i love him more than the others. ohhhh. no. no. no.

they are each endearing to me.

i just am able to truly take many singular moments and turn them into years of joy, thanks to my God and His goodness.

and he really isn't a thumb sucker. ha. he had just hurt his little finger.

and daddy really loves helping him do things.

and showing him new things to do. like fishing wearing mismatched boots. that kills me. just kills me.

i love this little boy. two and a half. God blessed me in so many ways with this one child. i pray he does what God desires him to be.

meanwhile, i look at my own life and pray i can become what God wants me to be...which is most certainly the best mother i can be to the precious lives we've been charged with. thank you, Lord, for each moment, each day!

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Anonymous said...

i look at my own life and pray i can become what God wants me to be...a quote from this blog...what a critical purpose for our own selves as we move along life AND it is true we do influence others...our we move through this life as well...THAT is a HIGH CALLING...and not a job..not a IS a calling...thanks for the pictures and the thoughtful words.