Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the pleasure of hosting a table at a church ladies tea

how about that for a long post title?

it was fun, demanding, and rewarding. the ladies tea at my church this past saturday.

i was so extremely grateful that my sister in law, Lisa, had some things that really set my table apart and showed "my" style. my china, a mix of our wedding china and a few sets of my grandmas, did well together. my mother had several white tablecloths that i borrowed. ella helped me set the table. she was a WONDERFUL helper. and it was so special for her since she won a prize for her teacup points- a free haircut and a huge bottle of hairspray. so excited for her because she never went to an official beauty salon. i've just trimmed it myself.

i wasn't able to take as many photographs of my table as i had liked, due to other demands, but here are a few. i also had to take photos of groups of people, so my time was split being a table hostess and a photographer. luckily, Ella and I had table guests, well 2 out of 3, who were our neighbors! and they were very understanding. next year, i will not be able to do both. so i will do what is needed. i really wish i could do both, but truly, it was exhausting to set up the table and then take photos and then host and THEN after taking photos, know i have to take down my table decor AND then work on those photos for another couple hours. not doing that next year. one or the other unless i was wonder woman. and when i was little, i always wanted to be wonder woman, amy diane wonder woman snyder, to be exact, but lo and behold, that is not the case!

next year, i will provide small favors if i have a table. i loved the theme of our table...it was an eclectic mix of Parisian, birds, and vintage. it was nice to hear lovely comments about the little, extra touches. i used some scrapbooking supplies as a last minute addition- such as the little white feathers, the cameo buttons, and the miniature flashcards that said, mother, sister, friends, etc. lisa had ribbon ties for the chairs, tags, crochet doilies, and a few other things for me to use, bless her heart!

hope you enjoyed this little taste of tea!


Anonymous said...

HOw exciting to see your work and think of the time you all were there with others...and the remembrance of ads..wonderwoman on 109 N Cross...w2g!!!!

re:Inspire said...

OH MY! How wonderful your table turned out! So pretty! Love your pink tags on the china! That was a lot to do in one day. Great job! And we ARE wonderwomen!...us young mothers who manage the children, household, and ministries!