Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Scent of Water, a review

I had the most wonderful opportunity to review a book published by Zondervan called The Scent of Water, by Naomi Zacharias. The author gives you the geography of the world as she travels and meets various peoples in some heartwrenching situations, as well as giving you the geography of her heart, and how she has lost and learned, felt pain and gain. I loved her writing style. She is skilled at using literature, myths, and fairytales to bring about her points so we may understand her better, and this world we live in. I was impressed at her vulnerability in sharing these stories. For within these stories, she shared her own faults, fears, failures and HOPES as well.

I have a heart for people of other cultures other than my own, and reading this book gave me more knowledge of what to pray for, a better insight of the world's needs, and lessons on God's heart as well. Zacharias makes a plea to women, to people, to know how important God's plan is for her. She makes a statement that humanity needs human touch. She, in turn, gave that human touch in form of a book to us, after various peoples "touched" her in her life experiences. I think that is a treasure chest FULL of answered prayers, hopes, dreams, longings, and more. I am very thankful to have seen bits of her life, of other people who hung on to the hand of God when it was not easy, through this well-written book.

I think EVERY Christian woman should take this book of their library shelf and let its messages inspire! I was given this book free in return for a review. All opinions are my own.

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jamie long said...

I love books with geographical context, this is definitely going on the list.