Sunday, May 15, 2011

what does God promise

what does God promise?

is it different than when the apostles walked the earth?

does he speak with a silent but strong voice, or show a message of promise another way?

is it a dream?

a spoken word from someone else?

a song?

the tug at your heart?

what you spent your devotional time studying?

how can you be sure?

how are God's promises shown in the Bible?

well, some are written in RED.

others, in examples such as Rahab or Abraham.

the new testament speaks of what we receive from the Lord.

the HOLY SPIRIT....God's love eternally....

what are YOUR thoughts on God's promises?

do they stand in your mind as something you can grasp or do you feel they are always staying ahead of you where you cannot take hold of them?

believe that God's promises are true, and GOOD.

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Anonymous said...

Hey....what a great picture of Love!!!

and I really appreciate what you wrote on promises...well done.