Wednesday, May 25, 2011

you do what you got to do

ella is all about getting every last bit

of the good stuff

sweet stuff

she'll even resort to the above to get. it. all.

i love her.

it is one thing that makes her HER, you know?

she's not about to stop doing the licking the bowl thing either

not yet anyways

she doesn't care if you're looking at her

she just wants to savor the batter

to the last little smidgen

do you want to savor what God has given you

down to the last little bit?

i think the act of savoring something is acknowledging

your thankfulness, in part or in full

isn't it?

when you savor

you are more apt to dwell on the gift

the giver, too

you think on how to USE the gift

maybe it could bless others?

so ponder away. take your time. live the moment.

taste it. enjoy the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great devotional thoughts...We love our sweet ella.


Anonymous said...

very fancy looking blog my friend! very nice :)