Thursday, June 9, 2011

if an ice cream truck is heard....

the russell children are there. this time we

happened to be at their Grandma Sheryl's one Sunday.

i love how they are lined up in age and order.

will david behind buddy, buddy behind ella, ella choosing first.

and like always, Georgie (as in Curious George) is there to enjoy the treat as well, thanks to WD.

sponge bob for wd.

and that's like the ONLY sponge bob thing he will ever have.

that's just me and my personal tastes of shows. lol.

same thing for buddy!

i can't really recall what this particular thing was. maybe dora? anyways

doesn't she look like the HAPPIEST person ever? and

all because of the ice cream truck!

simple pleasures of summer!


Kimmy said...

I absolutely LOVE that ice cream truck photo. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OH great!!! I can hear it, taste it!!! These are really FUN pictures.

Kelly Lyman said...

I love summertime treats! It is such the simple thing that can make child's day! We had strawberries the other day for snack after dinner that my oldest said it was the best dessert ever.
Love all the photos you have on your blog. They are beautiful. You have a great eye.
Good luck on your other projects!

Sam said...

YAY for ice cream trucks.