Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my dad, a father's day tribute

he's there behind you.
backing you up. he'll listen. pray. give advice. a smile.
a hug.
never a cross word.
that's my dad.
that's my children's Grandpa.
if there ever was someone who could be counted on...
it's him, my DAD.
he's always working, reading, tending the fire, hiking, enjoying nature, doing, or resting like he's supposed too.
he's never trying to be in the spotlight.
he's back. helping you get up if you fall. encouraging. being THERE.
that's my dad. my DAD. and we love him. we're proud of him.
most of all, we are thankful for him.

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Anonymous said...

I know I cannot find the right words or even the right thoughts to express the depth of joy that I have from reading this blog. I do think of the heritage that my dad and grandfather lived and left and the pure fun it is for me to be called "dad." Thank you so much.
LTTS aka dad.