Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring for Susannah, a review

Spring for Susannah

by Catherine Richmond

I was delighted, once again, to be able to review another work of historical fiction. I would give this one FIVE STARS, no doubt. Catherine Richmond, author, has a gift for giving detail that draws you into her story, her characters. Susannah, who has come to Dakota Territory as a paid bride to a Mr. Jesse Mason, is not prepared at first for the definite lack of even basic pleasantries as she was used to in Detroit. She has always felt plain, and shy, and was even more a strange woman because she enjoyed what her father did- being a veterinarian.

Her husband is a man who has a steady faith. It shows. To those around him and most importantly to his wife, Susannah. What struck me most about Jesse was how much he talked about his faith. It was touching, and certainly helped Susannah in changing her heart towards the Lord.

Also, the newly married couple (married by proxy) deal with judging upon appearances, although they make good attempts to understand each other.

The author created several situations throughout this novel that helped Susannah grow a backbone, so to speak. She began to endure, and thrive. She began to actually carry on a conversation with her husband, and learned more of her own personality that she hadn't let shine through.

I don't desire to give any more details about this story. It was extremely entertaining, and one I shall reread shortly!

All comments are of my own, and I was not paid for this review. Thank you to BookSneeze for the opportunity!

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