Thursday, July 7, 2011

end of the week tidbits

today i came up with another nickname for ella. sometimes we call her el, or e, or sweetie, of course. but this evening when we were just outside for a little bit, i noticed she had a few freckles on her nose. the summer sun, that's what did it, and i think it's as cute as can be.

so, her new nickname? freckles! and she likes it!

will david sometimes calls me by my real name. i roll my eyes every time. he knows he's being silly and then does it more. but the way he says it is sweet and ornery at the same time!

people at church for some reason have always called him just will. no will david. no wd. i asked him what he liked better, and didn't get a real clear answer, as he just said a name of one of his little friends. well, THAT didn't help. ;)

i took a walk with the kids around the block to the little store on the corner, and they bought themselves ice cream. even for wd.

and the exciting news of the day....Philip lost his very first tooth! the tooth fairy is no longer a secret at our house, neither is Santa Claus. sad, you may say, but to be honest, we're relieved. they figured it out on their own, and i don't want to lie when they ask. there's no sadness for them and they understand they can't ruin it for other kids if they still "believe." in fact, they try to play it up more for WD and have fun with it.

and on that note, i picked up Ella's little "doodle diary" and was sweetly surprised when i saw a certain page. the title was "what makes me happy?" and she had written, "God is good." Another page, "I'm glad to have __ in my life..." and she inserted "God." This makes ME happy.

we've been working extra hard, or i should say, praying extra hard and having God lead us to where and how to show them how much God wants to be in their daily lives. with some behavior lately that is a little worse than usual, it got to a point where we need to be extra careful how we respond and what words we say to them about what they said or did. not that these children of ours our terrible...i suppose parents see the worst in their children anyways. it's our responsibility to show them God's love in everyday things, even how we need to respond to not getting our own way. trying not to worry about our parenting, because God is in the driver's seat. i appreciate any little "treasure" about their spiritual walk with the Lord such as in ella's doodle diary. and then she made 3 rules for herself that turned into, like, 5. we have several charts going up in the next few days after i get them laminated. free charts i found- 7 rules for behavior with scripture to go along with them. a contract we all sign. consequences for improper behavior. and also a rewards chart for extra appropriate behavior. i think seeing these rules "in real life" rather than us always saying them will help them understand more and more how to live their lives for the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Great pic as well as honest thoughts in the you all oooh..and tell Philip I saw on some game show a riddle with a clue "national treasure" and you guessed it!! the answer was a flag!!!! Never doubt Buddy!