Friday, July 22, 2011

A little bit about our reading and writing curriculum

I will have to break this information up into a few posts. We are using a wide variety of materials. First up, Philip.

Last year he read first and second grade readers (shown above are the two first grade readers, Days Go By and More Days Go By) from Rod and Staff's collection of Pathway Readers. He really enjoyed the stories- they are sweet and wholesome, mostly about the children and interactions with animals, at least the younger books are. We did not use the workbooks because I wanted him to just focus on his reading so this year I decided we'd go ahead and reread the books as well as working in the accompanying workbooks, for phonics and spelling instruction as well as comprehension. Now, I expect him to work through these fairly quickly, and we'll move on to third grade readers, which we also have already!

Along with those readers we are going to use a book from Memoria Press, a classical educational company that provides literature studies, latin, and more. I've always been curious about their products, as I do enjoy some of the classical way of learning. The first book to read as instructed in More Storytime Treasures is Billy and Blaze...a story about the adventures of a boy and his horse. The other books to be read and used in this curriculum are Blaze and the Forest Fire, The Story About Ping, Sotne Soup, Miss Rumphius, The Little House, and Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie. The latter book we already have as well as The Story About Ping. There are activities involving vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. It looks simple but thorough enough, and paired with the Pathway Readers, I feel we have a good journey into the language arts for first grade. I will go over other literature guides we may read further into the year, such as PDF interactive ones put out by Progeny Press, for Wagon Wheels, and Sam the Minuteman, for example. I wanted to add some historical Step 3 readers that pertain to what we are studying for history.

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