Friday, July 29, 2011

Science for our 2011-2012 school year!

We will be specifically studying four different scientist, but others will be mentioned. For the four main biography studies, we will be notebooking and narrating our information.

In our main program (for History/Geography/and more), Paths of Exploration, most of the science included is related to North American wildlife. The assignments are mostly reading, sketching, information gathering of some sort, and making identification cards. I would describe POE, for us, at least, as a sort of "unit study" so it can be supplemented. Also, for us, it is lacking in science as it's more of a "nature study" than "science" so we are adding in chemistry and physics this year so the kids can enjoy experiments!

The extra science curriculum I chose for us to do was Elemental Chemistry and Elemental Physics, and is downloadable, in PDF form. It is all planned out in either five or two day assignments. We will do five days of science, 30 minutes to 45 minutes each day. We also will be completing two experiments each week, maybe three if they are short.

Science is my son's, Philip, favorite subject, and both kids enjoy the experiments that come with it. I will be using Mr. Wizard books, one is shown above, to implement other hands on activities. I found short and simple activities to supplement and give the kids fun things to do. I will not use the Elemental Chemistry and Physics EXACTLY the way it's written. I have chosen 15 weeks of each of Chemistry and Physics to teach. The remaining 6 will be review/catch-up/as well as studying a little bit of anatomy. The other 15 lessons or so of the chemistry and physics programs can extend to the following school year of 2012-2013.

I also have a book containing science reading comprehension stories and questions for each child, from the Read & Understand Science series by Evan Moore. The subjects in these books are for the most part different than the other things we are studying, and provide a nice way to gain testing practice, etc, for whenever they need it. Ella and Philip will each complete one reading each week.

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Gopher science!! Yah...I am excited about the plan...good choices for bios...let me know if you need my help here...LTTS