Sunday, July 10, 2011

a Sunday to remember

Ella and her cousin, Sydney, a few weeks back, doing cartwheels. This photo is so FUN, it makes me smile.

Ella was a sweet big sister for Will David...she was blowing all sorts of bubbles for him to chase after and pop.

On to more recent times...

We had an event-filled day. This morning we decided to drive to a different town and enjoy their park with the intention of going out to lunch afterwards. At the park, we let the kids play for awhile then went for a family walk on the trails. Philip and Ella were ahead of the rest of us and we saw them move closer to a trash can along the trail then yell and come back to where we were. They said they heard something. We approached the trashcan. Rich decided he'd look in it. No sooner than he got closer and peered in cautiously he jumped back with great force, and told us there's a raccoon in it. Oh boy, well, we didn't stick around. A raccoon, during the day, with our children around, we weren't taking any chances. So off we went on a side trail, walking a bit faster to get away. We actually made a loop and came back, and the kids wanted to see if it was still there. I am thinking, meanwhile, hmmmmm...really? Well, Rich lifted Buddy up and the went a bit closer to the container and Buddy said, no raccoon. That thing must've hightailed it after we left. Made for interesting conversation about the behavior of animals.

Lunch was a success, as well, and we came home because it was so hot. In no particular order, WD took a nap, I worked on school stuff, read part of a book, Rich took the kids to a ball field where they all drove their RC cars, Rich mopped the basement floor we are working on, the kids chilled out in front of the T.V., played with my dollhouses and miniatures that I stilllll have, and we ALL rode bikes at a big parking lot down the street. YES, I mean ALL. I mean ME. I haven't ridden my bike in years. Probably at least 12! I was a little wobbly at first, and that seat was a bit uncomfortable, but it was fun. I had to take my time turning. Ella was so cute, as she said after we'd ridden for 10 minutes or so, "Mommy, you're getting better!" Oh, that made me chuckle. She was so encouraging. Rich pulled WD on his little bike with a rope. But, WD wasn't into riding. He sat and basically just watched us make fools of ourselves riding around in circles.

However, it made for some fun family times.

Ending it now, with kids now bathed, final snacks being eaten, and blogging, I feel so blessed today. Yes, we did miss church, but God provided us with so much of His goodness today, and we as a family embraced it. We were healthy, safe, and joyful. We worked hard too. Played hard. Ate good food. Enjoyed each other's company. I saw so much love from Philip towards myself, as we talked Star Wars. Ella helped me with my old books and organizing them downstairs. She ended up wanting to read my Nancy Drew books and Mandy series. She is already reading one of the Mandie series, which is STILL popular today, believe it or not! She said she loves the book.

One of the final "play" things the kids did today was playing with my dollhouses, as I previously mentioned. They set up a couple houses, and Philip, my goodness, he loved all the little treasures I was looking through and deciding what to keep or what to toss. They said it is their new favorite thing to do..and it makes me so happy. I cannot even express the simple joy I have from that...I've been waiting for the time when they'd enjoy those little treasures I've kept from my childhood. It has come, and it filled my heart with this calm, steady gladness. As we are fixing up our basement (we have flooring to look at for part of it, some chalkboard paint to get, some bean bags to purchase, some stuff for the walls to find) we are slowly seeing progress and the kids are anticipating the new space they can use. My vision for the new area is not high-priced, but simple and non cluttered and using a lot of what we have. We've gotten rid of the carpet, mopped the floor, set up a basic furniture plan...getting ready to make the particular space usable and pleasant so we WANT to be down there.

Maybe I'm devious but that's why I want to get nice, appropriately colored bean bags for Ella and Philip. They will be basement only ones, as space in the upstairs is limited, and I want also to have my vintage alphabet cards displayed as well as a magnetic strip to hang artwork of the kids. The small round table Rich and I used when we were first married sits in the middle of the space, and it really looks nice like that. Other pieces will follow...but for now I digress. It's time to end the post of my ramblings!

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Anonymous said...

Good morning,
It seems like a great FUN was had by all as you worked through the heat and the bike seat...ha
I am excited for your changes in the basement and the explorative nature of the kids...
Keep LTTS.