Friday, August 12, 2011

The Colonel's Lady, a review

It's with a grateful heart I can present my review for Laura Frantz's newest work- The Colonel's Lady. I have a grateful heart because my desire to review this book for Revell was so great I had to work hard to get my blog up to par (meaning, I hadn't been posting very much and in order to review I had to be more of a regular blogger!). The day came when my blog was accepted, the book delivered, and my heart delighted.

In fact, I've read this book twice over.

Laura Frantz writes passionately and honestly, with real characters. She portrayed Roxy's life with such emotion and truth because it needed to be told that way. The colonel's life was treated no less. The character development is exceptional. I became invested in each of the characters. It was almost painful, but a good sort of painful. I dare not say too much for I do not want to provide any spoilers, but there was a twist that crushed my heart a bit. However, it fit the story so well, and was necessary, I believe, for filling the story with the grandness and realism it had.

I love to be completely drawn into a book like I was with The Colonel's Lady. I cried within the first several pages, actually. Roxy was already resilient from the very beginning of the book, and had to maintain this throughout- determined, yet always full of feminine charm that was real. She was balanced, and because she was, she helped the Colonel through his worst times. She was an attractive heroine to the reader because of her strength, and also because of her vulnerability. I think we could relate to her.

One of the things about Laura Frantz that I love is her word choice at certain times. In Courting Morrow Little, her previous novel, and still my all-time favorite, I noticed it for the first time. Telling you things at the right time, a different time, to make the story interesting, and to build the story piece by piece. In The Colonel's Lady, she's adept at this, and shows her skill at this craft. I thank God for her willingness to write because my heart and soul has truly been blessed beyond measure!

One other thing I must mention is the setting and all the details she writes into the story. It's flawless, and smooth. Purposeful. I did not have a difficult time creating an image of the fort, or of the characters. I loved how descriptions were made, and characters developed.

These thoughts are my own, and I was given a complimentary copy from Revell for this review.


Laura Frantz said...

Sweet P,
I'm so touched by your beautiful words here! That you've read the book twice means so much!! And I'm thrilled remembering you love Morrow's story so much:)

I'm really humbled that you would work so hard to get your blog up and running in time for the blog tour. What I see is stunning and inviting and real and heartfelt! You've done a beautiful job - I hope you're pleased with all you've done:)

I just uploaded your review to my Facebook page so you might be seeing it again;) Thanks so much for being my reader. You've sure blessed me abundantly.

Michelle said...

Very well said, Amy! I loved your review, and it even brought a sting of tears to my eyes. Laura's writing is exceptionally beautiful, and you conveyed that so well. : )

Jill Kemerer said...

I agree completely! When I read one of Laura's books, I feel this delicious sense of relaxation spread over me, yet at the same time, I'm primed to see what comes next. The stakes are always high. I love her books! And I really loved The Colonel's Lady!