Friday, August 26, 2011

First few days of homeschool...

and I have many days to go before I get into a groove, I think. It was much easier last year.

I know that already.

Second grade and Kindergarten. This year is first grade with a boy, haha, and third grade with a girl, whew. The first grader will have to adjust, with fidgeting and tears, the amount of writing I have submitted him too. It's first grade appropriate, and I know his limitations. However, I need to push him a bit. I need him to write a couple sentences on his own each day. Practice his penmanship. Try on his own to spell words..because I KNOW he can because I KNOW my little boy, Philip.

And Ella, we are pushing her thought processes this year. To not rely so much on me for getting her TO the answer (not THE answer, however). I see her struggling a little bit with this but I did push her a little bit already- i.e. in some vocabulary work. And math.

I just announced my kids' shortcomings- ha- but believe me when I say they are indeed bright children. I see Philip as a thinker of all sorts of things. And he REMEMBERS so many details. He catches on quickly. Very quickly!

Ella, she is artistic and sensitive, and can read with a passion. Yay! She is an encourager to Philip. She likes to be independent in many, or most, things. She's a good worker, most of the time, too. And creative. Love that.

So we started our school year Wednesday. Our third day was today. It was nice to have a short week. I threw out my schedule after day one.

I just KNEW that would happen.

I've never EVER been a schedule person. Well, I was trying it. And after one day, I knew, KNOW, it wouldn't work. My family changes things up a lot. I see each days as one that will bring us new ways to accomplish our daily goals. Realistically, my "schedule" would work maybe 9% of the time. Why go through so much work to make a schedule and keep it when the probability of it is quite low, I say!

Our family runs differently- we go to bed later. We co-sleep with the littlest still. We eat mostly chicken and fish. We don't buy pop/soda. We thrive on our time together at home. We think going to the park is going across the street to the school. We go to the other park to play in the creek. We don't have a Wii. :-)

And that's okay. We have so many things that make our family special and unique and thankful. And it works to build our family up and closer together. And if not having a schedule works to fulfill their education, so be it.

I am so thankful to homeschool. I enjoy it, and see my children thrive with this environment!

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