Sunday, August 28, 2011

It was a happy day...

To see my friend, Donna, a few weeks ago. So, so thankful the Lord fashioned that meet up.

Times have changed. Hearts have hurt. Dreams met. New longings created.

The Lord, however, is the same today, always, and forever. This phrase is not a cliche. It's true for me, even when the most difficult of days.

His Love is pure. Faithful. Neverending. Hallelujah- because I am certainly one who has to "end" her day....after tired moments with kids. Hectic household stuff. Unexpected life challenges. Medical issues. In all, He is all we need. I could not do what I do- as a homeschool mom, musician, wife, friend- without this knowledge. I fail soooo, so much. I get fatigued, so so quickly.

But my God- He is my rock! And I pray that for my friends and family....that they will let Him be as well.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful pic wonderful testimony