Wednesday, August 10, 2011

she inspires me

to be more than what i am.
to pray more for what she needs to be.
to trust God for what He needs me to be for her.
to have peace that i am for her what she needs me to be already.

i have so much to learn as a mom.
don't we all?
i'm thankful for loving, gracious children.
who aren't perfect and understand their mother isn't either.
we learn together.

we learn together how to be the best family of US for the Lord
it's a daily thing, you know?
we fall, we stumble...but we eventually take some steps forward.
hand in hand, heart with heart...

it's such a blessing to be a part of this family
that God called me to be a part of.
i hope and pray it's always a family
that my children wish to come back to
for whatever they need.

my husband and i are on a great journey of raising these kids...
it's a journey where we lose our patience and forget we have eternal peace in Him...
but it's also a journey where we learn the greatest lessons
we ever have learned and ever will know.

this journey. this journey of here and now.
parenthood, for one. follower of Christ, another.

may she look back at this adventure we are on with her, with loving, grateful thoughts...
stronger, braver, with God by her side. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Well said,,,always be aware of the God's journey..."the here and now" as you state...the here and now quickly becomes..."remember when," and it is God's gift to bless us with wonderful memories.