Wednesday, August 10, 2011

why "sweet peripety?"

I have a feeling a lot of people have never heard of the word "peripety." Seriously, I hadn't either until about two years ago! When I heard it, it struck me as a powerful word and it spoke to me on a very spiritual level. Beth Moore uses it in her "Esther" Bible Study to reveal parts of the story of Queen Esther in a very unique way.

The definition of peripety: a sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of circumstances (especially in a literary work); "a peripeteia swiftly turns a routine sequence of events into a story worth telling."

My favorite part is this: a story worth telling. I think that we ALL have a story worth telling. Sometimes the key is understanding, perhaps, when the story seems more visible to us because it can be hard to visualize that as we live our own story. The mundane things of life. The ordinary. Those things can be disheartening if we think of them as a less than what they are. The ordinary can be beautiful. The everyday things the most important and vital to our living story! That's why I like this word- the meaning forces you to look at your life in a different angle. Look deeper into it, at the different events that have taken place. Maybe seeing a particular event as a highlight of your life, or one that has made you stronger as a person, amidst heartache.

I think of different times of my life where the Lord has spoken to me so clearly, and during this particular time of studying Esther, He had done just so. Thinking about how God brought Esther to a certain time, "as such time as this," was absolutely something God would do. He performed a miracle from a simple young girl, and saved His people from slaughter. I most certainly think that God is still the same TODAY and He fulfills His purposes in mighty ways! I felt God comforting me in my walk with Him, as I felt quite the novice as a homeschooler, a mom with young children. I felt God leading me in the quest in finding who I really am at this time of my life, in Him. I felt God's hand as He embraced my mistakes and insufficiency, and His love as he carried me despite them. What profound examples He gives us of His awesome ways of grace in His word! Esther, a simple maiden such as Mary, Bethlehem rather than Jerusalem, fishermen as disciples, the journey of Saul/Paul, David- the man after his own heart who committed adultery and murder, Rahab- a prostitute who delivered spies...the list goes on. Something happened with men and women to help them turn and trust the Lord. A dream, a meeting with Jesus himself, a decision, blindenss, a word from a trusted family member...

It is plain to see that God's journey for us is not the same. Isn't that exciting? He has special care for each one of us. Even when we see no light. Even when it's darkness that is our daily companion. God gets us out of that pit...perhaps not when we want Him too, but he WILL, and maybe not for a long time, but only a brief time, but again...he WILL get us out of that pit!

I chose these two words as a reminder to myself of God's eternal love and his power and grace. It's ALL. We. Need.

Without Him, our story will fall short. Extremely short. With Him, our story WILL be told, guaranteed. I find that thrilling. Special. It brightens my spirit knowing that God loves me for exactly who I am, and that makes me want to live for Him and get to know Him. For I will spend eternity with Him- and I want to go knowing about Him through His word, and through prayer.

If there is true peripeteia in your life, I hope you see it with new eyes, and searching eyes that search only for the Lord. If you don't see an event as such- that's not important. It's the depths of your soul that does- the soul during the mundane, even. During dry times of your life. During rich times of your spirit. A circumstance isn't the deciding force for your spiritual well being. You have that choice whether or not something dramatic is happening! In fact, I see God speaking to me when things are quiet! He's a whisper! To me, He's a still small voice. I know to others, He's a lion! A trumpet sounding! See- that's how understanding God is when it comes to His creation! He recognizes our individual and specific needs before we ask!

My hope and prayer is that the very act of searching for God in your life is something that comes natural to you. That it is a natural way to seek Him and to learn more about Him each day. Do I remember to do this daily? Certainly not, but it's sharing like this that is one way to help me to remember and to strive for that goal of seeking Him and His best for my life!

(totally random but the photograph above shows one of my favorite spots in our house- look at all those wonderful, vintage books!)

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Anonymous said...

What a thought-provoking and inspiring devotional here...You have said so much re the wisdom of being in tune with "God-things." Blessings to you.