Friday, September 9, 2011

All about grace....

Now, time for another review. This one is for a book that had me at the cover and the title: Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman. Because I AM one of those good girls. A good girl who never wanted to disobey, be thought negatively of, always do the right thing.

A Good Girl. Yep, that's me. I didn't grow up in a "bootstrap religion" kind of family. It was a God-fearing, but loving family. My parents were people I wanted to love and please. I respected them and knew I wanted to have respect, too. Although this book points out the negatives to being a good girl, or at least, mistakes good girls sometimes make, I could not completely relate to ALL the author's points.

This book brings up some things that a "good girl" could get worked up about. Her "mistakes," if you will. To be forthright- there were many that I did not see in my own life, however, there were glimpses of emotions and attitudes I may have had or am experiencing as one of the good girls, that she has written about.

I feel that my past experiences as one who has suffered from Post Partum Depression has already made me let go of any perfection persona I have had. I have no qualms about stating my weaknesses- there's lots. What you see is what you get. I do NOT have a mask on. Maybe I should though at times and not be so transparent! HA! I have not, for the most part, felt guilted by being a good girl. On occasion I have thought well, I SHOULD be doing such and such for so and so because I CAN and am able, and have felt badly about that, but I do not think I'm such a people pleaser as this is just who I am- someone who honestly wants to DO good and BE good but wants to accomplish those things THROUGH Christ. I admit to failing. To falling short. I really appreciated the chapters that were so thought out and emotional- I think this book will truly help women who are battling their "good girl" woes understand themselves better and live freer in Christ!!!!!

Here are a few specifics of things I noticed most:

The chapter on chasing expectations shared a sentiment I concur with personally- "Growing up a good girl was natural for me."

It was for me- I did not "work" at it. It was my heart.

Another thing commented on was a good girl's desire to be NEEDED, not NEEDY. Another thing I personally take to heart.

This book travels other paths of good girl intricacies, and I didn't grasp all of them as part of my own life history. However, I HAVE struggled with feeling invisible. I DON'T like to say "I'm fine" when I'm not- that's silly. I DON'T wish to be thought of in a negative light. These things are a few that need to be given over to God, who can make them right in the perfect time. NOT ME, a good girl, who strives to do all things GOOD and RIGHT.

I love how in one chapter it is recognized that David in his book of Psalms, talked in anger and fear, all emotion, to and at God. It wasn't just the good he spoke of and expressed.

I get stuck in feeling ordinary from doing good sometimes. Here in the mundane. But I am fulfilling HIS purpose of being HIS child, and this book can remind you of that in a gentle yet inspiring way.

This is one, yet again, to stay on my bookshelf for frequent "go-to" inspirational reading!

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Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I am really impressed with your review of this book, but especially my heart is quickened as I see the spiritual focus displayed as you wrote. Very Touching.