Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sweet little chicks from the White House Fruit Farm a couple weekends ago....
Will David was enthralled, of course.
He plays Baby Chick a lot.
Baby Birdie, too!

Today, the kids and I worked on cinquains. We read a couple, pertaining to exploring, ocean, sea, etc. Then, Philip wrote one called Trains, and Ella, Horses (go figure), which I would share, but I cannot look for those two particular papers tonight. So, here is one that I have written for the following photograph, just for fun, not that I call myself a poet, or anything! Just embracing my children's education as well....

dense, earthy
a baking tool
carving, decorating, sweetly inviting

Poetry is a soothing way to express yourself, I believe.
Maybe you'd want to try it too!

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Anonymous said...

Pie IS Poetry