Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Confident Heart, review

Author Renee Swope has written about how to overcome our doubts and fears as Christians in this book, A Confident Heart. She has taken a topic dear to my heart as I personally battle feelings of self doubt and anxiety. In this book, she has taken care to diligently line her thoughts up with the Bible, including several examples of our "Bible Heroes," such as Gideon.

I really liked this book, and it will remain on my "go to reads" shelf permanently. There are many things I would like to mention, but I will concentrate on just a few points that were exceptionally striking.

First, Swope suggested to make a timeline. Now, I usually ignore things in books that make me do more work than just reading, but this was more than only a timeline. It has a certain purpose. She suggests you write down key events and alongside those events, your emotions and memories. After that, to ask the Holy Spirit to show you "where you have been, what those events cause, and how far from God those things took you." Also, if they caused pain for yourself and others.

The next part of this timeline focuses on an invitation to the Lord to enter into those memories with you and asking him to heal those wounds. Letting Him consume you, not the flames of doubt and pain.

A simple phrase that I have heard before but one that I think rings true was also used in this book- "pray His promises." She also reflects on those times that find ourselves disappointed in what we've become or done, and reminds us that God can take that "failure" and turn it into somethings positive, such as growth in our walk with the Lord.

As you read the chapter concerning Gideon, she brought up something I had forgotten of in his story and walk with God: there had been a sort of "banter" between Gideon and God, and God humored him, which showed His grace and patience. It is an amazing story of how God allowed Gideon to learn more about Himself and trust in Him.

I think this book would also be wonderful for a group study- there are questions at the end of each chapter, and many verses and points to discuss, which would work nicely in a group setting.

Thank you to Revell for this review copy!
This review is of my own opinion and I was not paid for it.

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THis makes me want to study the Gideon story planted seeds for a new sermon or two or more../