Friday, September 16, 2011

it was a writing day for Ella

I am SO so pleased that we are working through these two elementary grammar books by Killagon- Sentence Composing and Story Grammar. They are much the same, so I am overlapping activities and lessons from both books. We just today began to work on constructing ORIGINAL sentences using "model sentences" from sentences found in various literary works.

We just worked on one of the four problems today. The assignment was two parts: choose one of the three sentences that follow as the one that matches the original; then write a new sentence of your own to follow the pattern. Here is her little sentence (about a horse, well, called Horse). She didn't quite make it like the model so we will work on that next week. But she did good nonetheless. She's seeing the use of commas, adjectives, different placement of the subject, etc.

Horse rolled in the dirt, then got up, and shook the dirt, and ran to the pasture.

We had another Friday freewrite. Last week's went well, and this week, early on, we revised it and she rewrote her writing. We attempted it this Friday, and I saw an improvement in her creativity, and sentence structure. Spelling, not perfect, but her penmanship was. Ha. We will proofread, and revise, the next week. Here is her story. I omitted the errors because I can't think irregularly like that when I type...ha...

Once I heard something coming torward me. It had a beautiful long mane and tail. It was black with white spots and I peeked through the long grass and saw a horse. The horse was a Paso Fino, and then I saw more cantering around the field. There were Paso Finos, Pintos, Shires, and Appaloosas. They were very beautiful. I walked very slow. I got my rope and very quietly and gently threw the rope over the horse's neck, and then, the horse was furious. It tried to get free but I held the rope tight and I brought the horse home.

As her teacher- I would like to know WHY the horses were beautiful. What else did the horse do to act furious. How does she know about the horses. What exactly did she hear at the beginning? How long did it take her to bring her horse home. Did they meet any obstacles. About how many horses were there. Details.


As for other parts of the day, the sunshine helped my spirit. We finished by 2 and took a quick trip to Whitehouse Fruit Farm for some goodies: apples, cider, spring salad, donuts, soup mixes, candy corn, chocolate covered pretzels, three packages of homemade buns, several lunch meats and cheeses, loaf of homemade Italian bread, potatoes, apple butter, and apple sauce. YUM. A feast is in our future.

Each had a donut today, the rest being saved for Sunday morning when we have to be at church early to play. Speaking of playing for church, I'm quite excited because it's the start of Rich and I playing consistently for the first service, which is traditional. I was shocked, to say the least, to be asked to play the piano, but so thankful for the chance to play along with Rich's harmonica and mandolin, and banjo if he chooses.

Oh, for the rest of the school day, we did some nature studies and sketches. Worked on labeling continents and oceans, as a review. Described a picture of Columbus's ships and the sea, from a book. Narrated a story. Spelling. Reading. English. Science facts, about water, read more in our Usborn Encyclopedia. Three Physics quizzes- as we were behind in that. They were short, and easy for the kids! Math for Ella was: computer lesson, two drill worksheets, and multiplication flashcards. Philip's math was several pages regarding subtraction, and sequencing of shapes and colors. Vocabulary review and comparing for Ella- we have about two dozen vocabulary words from Because of Winn Dixie least 10 more to learn. That was a fun activity for Ella and I think she retained a lot from reviewing today. We have one more week of our BOWD book and study. I was proud of Buddy's nature drawings- they weren't the usual "scribbles" he does, but done with a more careful, steadier hand.

This weekend I will have kids to flashcards and spelling review with Rich, if time. If not, I'll just go ahead and do that. Also, I wanted to start working on our Spanish activity worksheets for the greetings and colors they learned. The Spanish we are using includes audio, and conversation, so it has been, so far, good for the kids. We just have to do our Spanish lessons more often, maybe 3 times a week so it sinks in.


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I wonder why the writing theme is horses...ha...I am quite excited about what you are doing and how each is responding. Good teacher questions you wrote.