Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Lancaster County Christmas....a review

I love Christmas. I love hardcover books. I enjoy reading about slower paced lives,
forgiveness, and grace. Usually, I do not enjoy too many Amish fiction works anymore,
but this was a rare occurrence when I felt this book was different. I was right! So glad I did not shy away from this book.

It was a breath of fresh air- and showed flaws and imperfections in everyone as well as moving
forth in faith through grace. The main characters, two sets of couples, go through
trying times, as they deal with heartache and sometimes, self inflicted emotions and
wounds. God proves faithful and just, as He always does, and although things aren't
perfect near the end, as it should be and is in life, God prevails and His light shows
through our cracks. And LITTLE things can show us the way we need to go- I loved how the author gave us those "little things" to show God's love, even with a wooden owl whistle. Loved that part, and also the little boy to whom it belonged. A precious, thoughtful story!

I was not paid to do this review. I was not required to write a postive review. Thank you, Revell, for the review copy!

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Anonymous said...

ahhh...that book cover is enough to trap one.