Tuesday, September 13, 2011

living a full day, one at a time....

Teaching Textbooks Math- two lessons. trying to move through these certain cds as a review of sorts the first couple months of school

English- time order words worksheet

Reading and Vocabulary- 4 new definitions to look up. 2 more chapters of Because of Winn Dixie (BOWD) read

History: next chapter read about Columbus. drawing cross section of a ship. labeling.

Memory work: zepheniah 3:17, if I recall correctly; discussed meaning of each phrase.

Art: apple printing (which totally, like, failed) and another project, but using one cut out shape within the context of an original drawing

math for buddy, almost forgot- several pages in various books, like usual. forgot to do flashcards for both!

English and reading for Buddy: he read the rest of Billy and Blaze and the Forest Fire to me and we worked on types of sentences; worked in Pathways workbook

We did not get to: science, individual devotion time, Spanish (again! agh!), spelling, writing. Hoping to do those things tomorrow, er, actually today, since it's past midnight.

Monday exhausted me. I took an early evening couple hour nap. Thus, why I can't sleep! I really tried, hard, to not sleep this evening, but the kids wiped me out totally. But, Loved the sun and warmth of the day nonetheless. And made pumpkin pie. Late bday gift for my sweetie.

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