Thursday, September 8, 2011

so far in our homeschool days....


We've "read aloud" one book (Tippy Lemmey), and are in the process of two more- Stone Fox and Misty of Chincoteague.

Reading two Columbus books for history/geography

completed several writing assignments along with poster about trips, and more

Done two art projects.

began a little timeline

Learned about one artist.

Processed ideas about explorers

A little bit of nature sketchbook-ing

Completed at least 5 experiments

Discussed such things as: matter, air pressure, gas

With Ella:

Begun analyzing and solving "sentence grammar" and patterns- this is fun, and I think something very interesting to do with her

Daily vocabulary- at least 2 words, looked up via dictionary, with picture, definition, synonym and antonym added, and sentence used in book

still reading Because of Winn Dixie

discussed several literary elements of BOWD

begun challenge word problems in math

one "Friday free-write" under her belt, worth 10 minutes. (she did good- not too many spelling mistakes at all, and nice full sentences)

completed a good number of grammar review worksheets, and covering the new topic of predicates

He has:

begun to spell/write out sentences on his own, for definitions in science, for example

will write nicely when he knows it counts! ha!

is doing great learning "grammar"

reads aloud very well, and confident

smart with our science projects, and diligent

has put forth good effort in his art, i.e. marker line drawings, and sketches, and painting.

listens as I read aloud, and pays attention (most of the time!)

can work on challenge math problems on his own, depending on how hard they are

can be creative with our geography/history writing and responses

understands we HAVE to school and this is the way it is without too much whining- yay!

What I hope to accomplish the next week?

for Ella:

another Friday free-write after revising her first

getting 3/4 done through BOWD

work on more challenge math problems with Grandpa :)

for Buddy:

ART project, for sure. I think this is his least favorite subject for some reason.

continuing our progress in writing a definition, maybe start writing a simple narration of history, or what he reads

for Both:

perhaps work on a poetry project together

my personal goals:

Reread my "Bravewriter" handbook

Print out some travel/boat poetry for next week, and ship diagrams

Cut down the next 2 weeks worth of Columbus Unit to maybe 1.5 weeks. Then the next 2 weeks down to 1.5 weeks. Like to start "Jamestown" beginning of October! And then "Pilgrims" beginning of November!

Set up a few more activities for Will David to do while we homeschool, and be more diligent to keep the little guy occupied with educational and fun things several times a day before I get wrapped up in the other two children and their work

I rate our first 2.5 weeks an 8.5- working kinks out, positive for the most part- minus a couple days where I wanted to throw in the towel, kids are learning!

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