Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Script

Here is the first part of a "book" I am writing....I will not share much. My work is slow. I may share some next Sunday, thus, my blog title, Sunday Script. I know not if this work will ever EVER make it in the published world, so I will not keep sharing. But if you like what is written, let me know. The other book I'm working on, which is at a standstill, has tons of research behind it because it is historical fiction (this one belongs to the fantasy genre). I am STILL stuck at 10,000 words on that one. This, has less words, but I'm working forward a little bit, when the Lord inspires me. I hope it to be somehow reminiscent of C.S. Lewis- ha...a dream, but still, it's ok to dream. Dreams keep my heart pumping, and head learning, and spirit soaring.

Just a few hours ago, she knew of no other life than what she had known for thirty-one years. Her life years. The shock of the attack was still freshly imprinted in her mind, leaving not much to think about except of her life gone in a blink. She not dared a peak back. She doubted she'd be able to see anything she had so naively thought would be forever.

Her large, and warm, fireplace in her even larger bedroom. Linens of the utmost quality in every single dye color available in the seven main cities of the Daliance. Sweet foods for morning break. Murals of lands beyond most imaginations. Soothing music from her personal mentreale...

"Her mentreale..."her voice could not quite get the name out even as a whisper. Her head turned, panicked, to her left then her right, eyes wide, the fear closing in on what would make her forbidden if...

"M'lady," a voice from behind spoke.

She stiffened, knowing that voice. Oh, she knew it, and it would be a curse to her especially now.

"M'lady." The Voice softened a bit.

From kindness, she thought. Pity.

She wanted to ignore the voice. She'd never acknowledged it before now. And would not now. Not even now. Although she was doomed.

It spoke again.

She shivered.

The snow that had fallen hours before had not caused this coldness. Neel, she thought, it was HIM. He would do that to her. To break her.

She would not break.

Her lineage would be destroyed, if so.

"Neel," the Voice spoke," I will not destroy you. I have not the power. Who does, will not either, but for other reasons...."

She cursed, hearing him, because he had heard her. She was a girl from the greatest land on earth. Who now knew she would have to break to live.


He eyed her posture, sighing inwardly at her tremendous stubbornness.

He had been called to this house. And up til moments ago, had been feared. Ignored. Hated.

He knew he'd still be hated. Still be feared but ignored....neel. Not anymore.

The time had come when repentance would rush in on wings of a time of complete disinheritance and displacement. She was not ready, but she must be, and he was to guide her.

His job had never been easy, but he'd himself had almost grown complacent during the day to day duties of inside her great house.

She'd all in the world, yet nothing. She held on to beliefs given to her by family before, who, in their fear and selfishness, jumped to conclusions and behavior that would now effortlessly destroy their precious richness in life.

The air had grown wet but not as cold as he expected. For him, at least. The uncertain time for the Lady would seem cold...bitter. He knew she even saw him as such.

Stifling a strong groan, he fought the battles within himself to show her now, this moment, how wrong she was. How the untruth had caused an entanglement of pain, lies, and discomfort so unnecessary. He could almost no longer bear it. He must follow protocol of the Pralache, even if more of this detestable sin kept hold of her.

Had he known the hold it did have of her, he might have abandoned the True One that single moment, for none but the strongest of heart, the purest, would accomplish the job. And he already had begun to care too much for her soul. It wasn't his duty. His duty was to follow orders. Be a sort of pillar. Proclamation. Guide. Leader. But lover, neel. That was the Other's purpose, only.


The minutes turned into hours. She knew she was being insolent to lead them. How would she, the Lady, know the path.

Lifting her chin, she stopped the horse. She said to the voice, without looking back, "The way is yours."

She had heard of what happens when you glance their way, to the Voices, so she refused.

"Weakness," she whispered.

The Voice, who passed her by at that moment, replied, "Neel, strength.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

and as we finish up a good 9 weeks of school

we are ALMOST done with the Jamestown unit of Paths of Exploration. I've fudged this unit a bit. We usually don't do as much of the language arts as we do other language arts on the side. I LOVE utilizing the following from the units:

*Profiles from History person studies
*Animal studies
*Nature studies
*Read alouds
*Critical thinking pertaining to the geography/history/read alouds
*Various writing assignments
*Geography learning- maps, key words, places, etc...

I've added:

*other readers
*other spelling words from those certain books
*a few other projects related to geography/history that would be added nicely

Next week, we begin our Pilgrim unit. It's 6 week unit but really hoping to cut it down to the four weeks needed before Thanksgiving. It'll barely work, but we'll try! I won't put too much pressure on myself for this, but if we end up reviewing the week after Thanksgiving, we well. HA.

After that, we will....well....I'm not sure......Keep on reading appropriate historical literature. Christmas unit study perhaps, history, crafts, reading, art, etc. I'd like a nice, light, interesting December. Where we can enjoy our home and each other. Make it holiday-esque.

We will of course, continue our other studies such as language arts and math, science and Spanish, but as far as Paths of Exploration, I will wait til after the new year to begin the next three units (which is the second half of the book). We are right on schedule with that.

As far as progress for the kids this first part of the school year, I'm beyond satisfied academically. I feel they are being challenged. And are learning. Challenged and learning....that makes me very happy. I see "connections" being built. Language building. Math interpreted easier. Processing different instructions better.

All this to say, as especially with my last post, homeschooling is tough right now. I've not done all that I've wanted to do with them, but we've done so, so much. We hang in there and push. I always have doubts of myself when I'm homeschooling, especially now, but the results are there and are positive, so I'll say that we are doing a good work, praise God. I rely on Him for my strength to do homeschooling, I truly do. In my's still what we are SUPPOSED to be doing. There's a lot to learn, even in the third year, of homeschooling, as I am a mom/teacher/whatever else at the same time, but it's worth it. I just need more "help."


I listen to some of my favorite stations I've created on Pandora (a Last of the Mohican station, as well as a Charlotte Church station, a Celtic woman one, and so's been great)

I take my two "story" notebooks everywhere even though I've hardly written any more of my books. Ha. Oh well. One of the days.

When my brain is right. Right? At least I think of the stories often, and plan... and dream...

Also, reading on my Kindle.

A few of my favorite things.....playing Fashion Story with my little girl, Ella; playing a few Christmas carols on the piano, and drinking Twinings Chai tea. Just HAS to be Twinings. I'm a tea snob, I guess!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog Your Heart

This is the second "Blog Your Heart" challenge that my friend, Stephanie Howell, has encouraged. I've been wanting, again, to share my heart, so here I am. Doing just that. It was my excuse. Rather, it was my inspiration to go ahead and share some different shades of myself.

This past month or so has been extremely difficult for me.

I've been an abyss of depression, and without my faith and family, frankly, I don't know what would have happened.

Things have been challenging...

to express myself, even through this blog, and to others.

in fact, i really believe many don't understand mental illness.

and it has stung my heart.

i have felt almost PUNISHED for feeling this way. it's not my fault, and i've had to deal with repercussions from it. hurtful ones, at that.

i've been misunderstood. judged. challenged. but also loved. hugged. smiled at. prayed for.

i've felt such passion for my husband in my heart that goes beyond what i've ever felt for him, even back in the newlywed world.

he's been there for me. sticking it out, willingly, helpfully, compassionately...listening, not judging. knowing, not guessing.

Sunday, when I should have been excited for a fish fry with his whole side of the family, I was overwhelmed and exhausted after church. Frozen. Tearful. In bed. My husband gently got on the bed next to me, wiped my tears, and held me. For how long, I don't know. I wish it could've been forever.

The sun was shining. It might as well have been the rainy dreary days we have every other day.

I couldn't enjoy it. All day. And I tried. Believe me, I tried. I went to his parents house. But after a few hours, got out of the overwhelming social situation and went back home with my dad after he dropped Ella off from horse riding. I spend the rest of the afternoon and evening sitting beside a delightful fall evening fire in their fireplace, and talking with my lovely mother and father. It was the best for me.

I sent my love to my mother in law. I think she understood. I had began to cry hard there at her house, and had to "hide" so others couldn't see. It wasn't a best moment. I couldn't pull it together.

I was able to get a few photos that afternoon....this expresses so much of God's love for us, and as I mentally can say that, I can hardly transpose that thought deep within my heart where I can KNOW it because it's so tough right now in every aspect of my life.

How I manage to homeschool my kids right now, I have no clue. My mind is fragmented most of the time. Except, I keep thinking that each day would get better. It might be getting better but it's still early to know since I am now on new (very expensive- like at least $3 a pill) medicine but so far, have had samples from my nice, generous doctor. Rich has told me a couple times this week he has seen my countenance "glow." While I have not "seen" this myself, I'll trust him.

My baby is growing up so fast..he'll be three years old November 10, and it's breaking my heart. Change is hard.

I'm quietly, hopefully strongly, progressing. Slowly, I wish swiftly. I have to be careful of how I put myself out there. I don't really feel that I have too many friends that understand so I want to keep myself and my heart safe. I don't want to express beyond this post, to other people how I'm doing. Just trust that God will not give up, because I have read his promises, I've hidden them in my heart since I was a "wee girl." I love the Lord and without his Love for me, where would I be? More lost than I am. More tired than I am. But, with him, I have hope and a future.

My praises to him are quiet.

I sing and play piano with soft notes, I am not wired to be loud. This is just who I am. Quiet reverence. I will reach up to him quietly, with willing arms, and the love that surrounds me already, that is from Him. I will listen.

Listen to HIS quiet still voice to me.

It is what I long to hear and desire in my heart. That sweet, savoring whisper. Calling me to him, drawing me near.

I love you, Lord.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

having a camera phone is SOOOO fun!

self portrait, using the sunlight for some intrigue. plus, i think this camera phone takes off some pounds...yah!

sweet kiss, captured. i have to say, i love my Man more than ever. MORE THAN EVER. Maybe it's that "almost 10 year mark."

self portrait, interesting angle, but I love the in-law's, in the backyard this weekend, pulling Georgie and his sidekick, WD.

A Necessary Deception, a review

When young widow Lydia Gale helps a French prisoner obtain parole, she never dreams she will see him again. But just as the London Season gets under way, the man presents himself in her parlor. While she should be focused on getting her headstrong younger sister prepared for her entrée into Society, Lady Gale finds herself preoccupied with the mysterious Frenchman. Is he a spy or a suitor? Can she trust him? Or is she putting herself and her family in danger?

Discover a world of elegance and intrigue, balls and masquerades as Laurie Alice Eakes whisks you into the drawing rooms of London Society on this exciting quest to let the past stay in the past--and let love guide the future.


This past year, I've been interested more and more in "regency" novels. To me, they are almost fairy-tale-esque. There's a certain "air" about the setting, characters, and all that a regency tale encompasses. This book, however, gives the reader a rich depth to the era compared to some of the regency novels I've read as of recent. The plot was highly enjoyable, and original. I loved the ins and outs, the twists and turns, the carriages and masquerade, the history and emotion. The torn heart between duty and love, the out of the open sweet kiss and the whispered words in French....the healing of a hurt heart, the adventure God threw at the hero and heroine. I LOVED IT ALL.

Thank you to Revell Publishing for the review copy. All opinions are my own.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

a lady for sweetest day....

my tabletop dressform in our bedroom....ceramic but distressed for the vintage look. love the patch(es) on it...i added this necklace I found at my NEW FAVORITE STORE IN THE MALL CALLED ICING, for $2. Can you TELL I like this NEW STORE CALLED ICING? Crossing my fingers for goodies (such accessories that are soooo beautiful and vintage, necklaces, earrings, handbags, scarves, and more) from there in the future! i have still the desire to find an authentic vintage dressform, but until I do, this will satisfy my longing....

p.s. thankful for my sweetie for this gift (that I ordered but who cares...i was able to get it! LOL)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

bare camera, simple pictures

ive been doing some picture taking with my new phone's camera app, and have been pretty pleased with the results. just for something different. so i am going to share a few from the last week. all straight from the camera, no tweaking, etc.

looking sweet all on her own

a little fun with the sun flare, when we had a WD and Mommy date at the school playground

the cutest little face, smile, and hair...EVER

golden boy to the left...

they are so enthralled with some show on the computer....

taking great delight in the raking and playing of leaves this past week...

for the record, I do not have make up on in this pic...but my eyebrows sure look like they do. lol. love the pic anyways.

we are two peas in a pod, we are...

master tree climber..

master Georgie...

self portraits, and portrait of WD and myself at the playground...that one was interesting to take.

a pocahontas wanna be....

The Measure of Katie Calloway...a review

Her heart seeks sanctuary in the deep woods. But will trouble find her even here?

The Civil War has ended, but in Katie Calloway's Georgia home, conflict still rages. To protect herself and her young brother from her violent and unstable husband, she flees north, finding anonymity and sanctuary as the cook in a north woods lumber camp. The camp owner, Robert Foster, wonders if the lovely woman he's hired has the grit to survive the never-ending work and harsh conditions of a remote pine forest in winter. Katie wonders if she can keep her past a secret from a man she is slowly growing to love.

With grace and skill, Serena Miller brings to life a bygone era. From the ethereal, snowy forest and the rowdy shanty boys to the warm cookstove and mouth-watering apple pie, every detail is perfectly rendered, transporting you to a time of danger and romance.

In my early scrapbooking days, I created a page in honor of my dad, and had it titled "The Measure of Love." Or something like that. I think. I know I at least used the word MEASURE in it. The "measure" of my dad's love is so much, and that was what I would hope to portray in creating that memory. To invoke feelings of so much love- compassion, grace, integrity- with the word "measure." As I noticed this book being up for review, the title then, of course, struck me. It's unique for a book cover, and with the knowledge of how I had used this little phrase, I was curious to see what Katie Calloway was all about.

She was running away, to escape great harm, with her young brother, and found herself amidst a whole new way of life. A tough life, one that she'd have to suffer even more but through the midst of it all, gain love and freedom for herself and her brother.

The characters were colorful, twists aplenty, scenery truly exceptional. I loved the story from front to back. Serena Miller's words just FLOWED from one to another, and created a wonderful treat. This is a book I will re-read for sure.

This review is of my own words, and I was not required to write a positive review. Thank you to Revell for the complimentary review copy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

thoughts for the day....

monday was tough, a battle with my daughter. a battle with attitude. i was oh, so so weary.

tuesday, a reprieve when we went to my parents' for dinner and enjoying the outdoors.

today, gathering music for a wedding in a couple weekends, finishing school for the day, readying my brain for choir...

and contemplating....waiting for the rain to end, the headache to end as well.

philip was reading a book last night, a book i was astonished to see him have. he took it off of the dishwasher.

Water From the Rock- writings from Luther, Crosby, Moody, Spurgeon, and more.

He read the first several devotions last night and had a special place marked, where he'd left off.

He wanted to read more today first thing for school.

I then asked him his favorite. He showed me. The Light of Hope.

One phrase states we can't always see that far down the path, but we can at least see our next step, and direction. And what we think is a monster in the dark is really a little bug in the light. And one more thing- that was a sweet, little read; it's a small lamp, and it's warmth, that gives us just enough of the peace and light we need to sleep. It reminds us that God loves and protects us.

Sometimes, a lot of times, we need "a whole lot" to show us He cares, or at least, we want a whole lot. But, that one little spark or tiny flame can reach inside your heart just as well. Discontentment seems to be engrained in all parts of this wordly life. It's hard not to own that feeling as a Christian. We need one more pair of shoes, one more song on our iPod, one more car. Yet, we seldom ask for the "one more" gift from our Lord, a thought or scripture to be shown to us. A prayer from a friend. Another chance to love. It's a focus on physical needs, too much so.

I want to raise my children in a home that desires to minister to others, all while learning about the love of the Lord in their own heart. I see others' children partaking in more Bible reading, and memory verse learning, and my children, yes, are doing such things, but not as aggressively. As a child, I had to work harder, was more persistent at getting good grades, than others, even more than my brother, who things came naturally. I think that perhaps my personality has come down to my own children, and things will come to them, not all at once, but God will shape their character, and He will do it in his own time, at the perfect time.

Whatever struggles, and trials, and battles...huge battles...we have right now are for a purpose I believe. They are not fun. They break spirits down. In the end, they point us to HIM for his strength and wisdom. That is what light I want to see....I don't have it. I need it. The Lord understands our need for him, and is oh, so willing to bridge that gap and help us. I am willing.

Friday, October 7, 2011

this is a girl who....

would rather stay home and read instead of shopping

prefers shopping at thrift stores, antique shoppes, and flea markets

has developed a love of folk and bluegrass music over the past 10 years

has a lot to be desired as far as organization goes

sight reads piano music very well

reads a book incredibly fast

but then can't remember the title

this is a girl who

can cry looking at her littlest boy standing up on the couch saying this is me, I'm so big!

forgets easily to give her kids hugs throughout the day's business

sometimes says to heck with it and lets the kids play outside all day instead of schoolwork

hates to cook

hates baking even more

would love to cook if she had a brain and wasn't tired at four o'clock

but still would hate baking if she had a brain and wasn't tired at four o'clock

used to stay up not too late, then gradually stayed up later the past two years, and now, seems to be going off to bed about 10 due to medication change

hates not wearing her shoes in other peoples' houses. gross. out.

has at least three cups of chai tea each day even in the summer

hung a fall wreath in the kitchen and got rid of a little, LITTLE bit of clutter, for once

played Fashion Story, Restaurant Story, and Bakery Story a lot today.

plays these games with her kids because it's fun and cute and great bonding time

is not on Facebook to be social, but to leave pics up, and let my name be in place for Rich for some activity at church

would rather be social with people the old fashioned way.

like, through blogs and email.

because it's too much information getting into my head on facebook, in and out. what is a person to do with it all? really?

would rather be emotional and sensitive than unmoved and without compassion

is emotional and sensitive

to a fault? i believe I am who I am because He who began a good work in me will carry it out to completion.

is loved, cared for, thought her family.

seeks wisdom from her Lord.

has not watched any tv shows this fall season. life is too busy with my family. what a wonderful feeling.

loves to homeschool

hates bad homeschooling days

this is a girl who

currently has an eye twitching problem probably because of stress? annoying.

is a little apprehensive about the music playing she needs to do this Sunday....first one through for music only in the morning...yikes...

wishes for her babies to be her babies again

will never EVER get over wanting another girl and who feels there IS one angel in heaven waiting, as this would be what was seen in our first ultrasound with Ella...a disappearing spot beside growing, little Ella.

wants to be understood and not judged for who she is, what she does, what people think she should be.

loves Psalm 46:10 and Psalm 37

has a close, close relationship with her daddy

treasures her bedtime routine with WD

is thankful.

feels blessed.

wants to give more to others.

desires joy and joy unspeakable in her life and her childrens....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

it's just these moments

Nickel Creek playing..."I might as well be my head...."

Three boys at the table. The littlest, speaking in sweet, sometimes unrecognizable words. Bright eyes, who appears tremendously excited to be eating with his daddy.

The daddy...taking in the moments. I can tell. He's serious. Gentle look in his eyes. Taking care of the boys' plates of pizza. And their sauce covered mouths.

The littlest grins, and giggles...over his straw.

The next oldest eats the pizza with two bites. Ready to go do something else already...perhaps a ride on the bike outside. He's also enthralled with his new gloves and hat.

The daddy smiles at me. Takes his salsa on his pizza, and eats it. Kisses the little boy as he lifts him up to the kitchen sink so he can wash his hands.

Sunlight, warmth showing in this evening hour. He holds him, making sure he isn't falling. Checking the soap is all over. Rinse...rinse...dry. I see the Daddy's strong hands hold the little's elbow. A kiss on the head or two. "You smell like a pizza, Wd."

WD runs away with Georgie.

But just minutes later, the little is in the Daddy's arms already. Playing a game, lift up, lift down.

They reach a decision for the evening. Go feed the ducks.

Horse girl is not here. Mommy wants peace and quiet, since she is nursing a big headache from all day.

Boy time.

Daddy disappears...little yells, "Daddy!?" trying to find him...telling him all the while what he is going to be doing, this and that.

The middle child trying to hold on to all the patience he has before they can leave the nest. Making noises, and rough housing a bit too much. Expected. One day, that will be missed.

And so will the "ribbit frog" ribbiting down the hallway.

And his little, "I need you, Mommy. And you're mommy frog." Cuz Georgie is now Baby Frog.

I hear the microwave beep for the third time. Rich's tea water is done.

Mandolin notes flicker in and out of the radio. Lights off. Off they go.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homeschooling comraderie

If I didn't have friends who homeschool.

If I DIDN'T have friends who homeschool....

Well, if I didn't let's say that I would find it extremely difficult to feel satisfied and confident in what I'm doing.

Because I have a friend...or two...or three....that homeschool, we can benefit from each other's enthusiasm, ideas, and even from our mistakes and downfalls.

I'm SO willing to offer up my follies so others can benefit.

I'm ready to give advice or just listen.

And I've got friends who do that for me as well.

I don't want to be kept in a "homeschooling bubble," either. I like so many DIFFERENT things. I pull resources from the Internet, other teachers, various curriculums....I like so much, and also, I dislike so much.

Some of my dislikes...extreme Protestant focus on history. Just....NO. I feel that it produces an outlook on things that is just this- extreme. I like to include, of course, our religious thoughts on the discovery and history of our country, but I know that things can be skewed. I want my children to see a whole picture. Yes, from a lens that is filled with God's grace, salvation, and love, but also, to see things that will help them understand others and not show prejudice. We may have absolute truths here in this household that look like phobias, or deep intolerance. I say to that, I love how God loves, or strive for that, however, HE also holds people accountable for their sins. As a believer, I try to listen to His voice, and read His word so that I live the life I should, and try to bestow this to my children. In the process, I believe that certain things must have what people would consider ignorance and cruelty, while I believe what they are doing are
will be judged by God, just as what I've done. But, I will not step aside in my beliefs for our family so sin can prosper.

And now that I truly rabbit trailed...some other things I dislike...

Weird books. Science that is not hands on. Dry history. Math that is not challenging the mind enough. Worthless worksheets.

What I love...

The Bravewriter writing program, including the Writer's Jungle and the monthly language arts lessons called the Arrow (uses literature). Brilliant. Down to earth for the mom.

Teaching Textbooks....just because my daughter enjoys it. And learns.

Singapore Math, which I confess, I hated the first year I ever used it, which was the first year I homeschooled Ella. Who knew that I'd be using it now for Philip. And liking it.

Trail Guide to Learning, Paths of Exploration: all that I hoped for in a history/geography/reading program combined. Also brilliant.

Elemental science. Just the right enough material to cover, activities to do, and skills to master. And good review. Great choice of accompanying books.

The Language Art Binder that I made.....this three inch dynamic collection of print outs is my homeschool work of art. I have it all in there- spelling lists, vocabulary lists and ideas, graphic organizers, lesson plans, and more....

Our Atlas book. Amazing what this book gives as far as information!

I have more for both lists but for later...

Monday, October 3, 2011

As the holidays near

this Mamma has tougher times with her head. This weather, MISERABLE without the sun, is one that causes me to feel down, and anxious. As the Thanksgiving and Christmas approaches, I want to shut down. Every year I deal with this, and every year I pray, pray, pray that the Lord just gets me through so my family and I can enjoy a sweet time celebrating His gifts.

One thing that helps me is to not put pressure on myself to decorate. I wish I was like my sister in law and could do that, but I just can't. It's impossible. The only thing I did was put an autumn spin on my handmade front door wreath and place pumpkins on a couple shelves and the top of the piano in our living room. So this way, I'm not depriving my children of a childhood where the house wasn't decorated, and I don't have to put much thought into it.

Trying to decorate is trying to put a tuxedo on a pig.

Or eat steak with a straw.

Drinking tea with chopsticks.

or leading a donkey up Mount Everest.

TOUGH. Difficult. impossible.

But, that's okay. I just know that it's me and so I cannot approach it much.

Also, another thing that helps is getting some shopping done early. This year, as the two oldest children found out the Santa truth, is going to be easier. I have Ella done with- all horse stuff, go figure. Philip wants three or 4 things (a magicians black hat, a dual lightsaber, and a telescope, and of course, I like to surprise him. WD would be happy with play dough and trains. But I'd love to get him a nice sleeping bag too. A nice one costs a pretty penny though, so we'll see.

I ordered my (December) birthday gift already...teehee...I finally found a DRESSFORM, on the daily deal site Zulilly. Actually, I have TWO coming- one is a standing, wire one. The other is a vintage cloth tabletop one, both sold out after I purchased them. I would love, still, to find an AUTHENTIC vintage one at a thrift store or flea market...someday I hope.

I told Rich the tabletop one is going on our kitchen table.

Just kidding.

But, to give him credit, he didn't seem to upset about the idea. Ha! I think he loves me!

And as far as seeing the holidays embraced in the hearts of my children, I will pray that God touches their hearts in ways that they have never been touched.

That their mother and father have the wisdom in what to share and teach to them.

That they show compassion to others, forgiveness, and show grace especially at this time.

That our family can really listen to each other and love and support one another in all things.

I grew up in a strong, loving, supportive family. I know it begins with God, and then Rich and I must follow.

The pursuit of His love is astounding, and thrilling. I want to see that in my children's lives, at all times. As this time is a difficult time in their behaviors at times, but....I know that God is working in their minds and hearts nonetheless.

My grandparents prayed for me, this I know. As did my parents. I feel that God blessed my life with so much, and this is what I want for my children...for prayer warriors behind pray for now and the future.

did you know....

Isaac Newton created his own little wooden mill that was not only using wind for power to the sails, but built a little treadmill for a REAL mouse to run on. As he would tug on the string tied to it's tail, there was his "mouse power."

Newton made a little vehicle, with four wheels, with a crank that would make it run. He would actually sit on it and ride it.

At a fair, Newton purchased a child's toy, a glass prism. When home, that is when he began to experiment and discover light and color.

Interestingly, the year of 1666, with the horrendous plague, was called the annus mirabilis, or the wondrous year, for Isaac Newton. It was rich, rich with wisdom, discover, and much progress in his life's work. And he had been only the young age of 24.

We are reading this for a science biography, and what an eccentric, colorful human being Newton was. The kids are in for a wild ride for this one...we're only in the first few chapters....The Giants of Science series, Isaac Newton, by Kathleen Krull.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

At this time....


is halfway done reading Pollyanna. She is loving it and just told me she wishes she had 30 more chapters....

likes to play Fashion Story, on my phone, and, ahem, with her mom...(who admits she thinks it's quite fun too!

cut her hair a little bit because it was getting in her way. don't know what was going through her mind, but her bangs are REALLY short and there is a VERY short, small spot, of tufted (is that a word?) hair on top that really really really needs to grow out...


is rereading his magic book, the one I got for ten cents at the booksale here in town.

wants a magician's top hat. this one makes me giggle...he'd look too cute wearing one, i think.

built towers for a little boy in WD's class this morning just so the little boy could knock them down. the father of the little boy told me that today at church, and it just shows that sweet side of him that is endearing.


still carries Georgie everwhere.

likes to wear no clothes. All. The. Time.

is in a "hold me mommy" stage, and although I love it, truly, it is tough to do that all the time. but I'm trying to treasure it because oh, how this sweet time is short.


still drinking a lot of hot chai tea

ready to start the Jamestown unit for homeschooling tomorrow! (so relieved to be done with Columbus- a guy I have mixed feelings about anyways...)

practiced a certain song, for the prelude at church today, at least played it 10 times this week for practice, got up at the piano to play it. looked at my book. drew a complete blank on what song I had chosen and practiced almost A DOZEN TIMES, and had to wing it with a different one. then once we were in the driveway...remembered which one.


loving target practice.

watched a prohibition documentary tonight....and we're pretty sure he'd be a bootlegger back then whilst I would be one of those drabby-clothed ladies marching around with signs down the street....

apologized to me for something by waiting for me to go to choir practice the other week, and then, he and the kids could go get me a surprise. i came home to find a tower of pudding (my favorite kind) on the kitchen counter, whipped cream, and carrots (the little sweet petite ones at WalMart are the ones I eat like candy- absolutely love these!). the card read something like this: I'm sorry for "pudding" my foot in my mouth. You are the "cream" of the crop. I know it sometimes seems like I don't "carrot" all but I love you so much.... (haaaaaaaa.......this whole apology cracked me up, i don't think I'll ever forget it. takes a strong and loving person to apologize like he did.)

went to get a book and magazine at Barnes and Noble yesterday with his birthday gift card, and ended up also purchasing my favorite magazine, Somerset Life, there too with some of his money, and brought it home in wonderful fashion.

surprised me again by getting me a new Willow Tree collectible figurine...I have at least 10 I think. This makes 11. It's the one called "the Quilt." a mom is holding a toddler aged child in a rocker, with a quilt draped over the child, and her arms hold him tightly, and his little hands are so sweetly and gently touching her shoulders. it reminded me of how Will David holds on to us. he taps his little hand sometimes on our back, or shoulder....and has the sweet cuddling nature. love.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

looking at him just helps so much

I could tell you about my day. How I can't find some important files...because somehow I did the most Amy thing I could do and Lost them and placed them somewhere where I wouldn't remember.

Photographs from the last couple years. Homeschooling things I've saved, and stuff we've done. Files I need because I transferred purchased homeschooling curriculum on the disks.

Quite frankly, I'm a bit desperate. It has struck me in my heart. Just one more disaster.

Thankful for my Dad who said he'd pray for me for the morning music, leading worship. I suppose I just need to put this misplaced treasure aside for the night and tomorrow morning.

I always think of the Lost Coin parable Jesus spoke about. It reminds me that even the "littlest" things matter. They matter because they matter to YOU.