Thursday, October 27, 2011

and as we finish up a good 9 weeks of school

we are ALMOST done with the Jamestown unit of Paths of Exploration. I've fudged this unit a bit. We usually don't do as much of the language arts as we do other language arts on the side. I LOVE utilizing the following from the units:

*Profiles from History person studies
*Animal studies
*Nature studies
*Read alouds
*Critical thinking pertaining to the geography/history/read alouds
*Various writing assignments
*Geography learning- maps, key words, places, etc...

I've added:

*other readers
*other spelling words from those certain books
*a few other projects related to geography/history that would be added nicely

Next week, we begin our Pilgrim unit. It's 6 week unit but really hoping to cut it down to the four weeks needed before Thanksgiving. It'll barely work, but we'll try! I won't put too much pressure on myself for this, but if we end up reviewing the week after Thanksgiving, we well. HA.

After that, we will....well....I'm not sure......Keep on reading appropriate historical literature. Christmas unit study perhaps, history, crafts, reading, art, etc. I'd like a nice, light, interesting December. Where we can enjoy our home and each other. Make it holiday-esque.

We will of course, continue our other studies such as language arts and math, science and Spanish, but as far as Paths of Exploration, I will wait til after the new year to begin the next three units (which is the second half of the book). We are right on schedule with that.

As far as progress for the kids this first part of the school year, I'm beyond satisfied academically. I feel they are being challenged. And are learning. Challenged and learning....that makes me very happy. I see "connections" being built. Language building. Math interpreted easier. Processing different instructions better.

All this to say, as especially with my last post, homeschooling is tough right now. I've not done all that I've wanted to do with them, but we've done so, so much. We hang in there and push. I always have doubts of myself when I'm homeschooling, especially now, but the results are there and are positive, so I'll say that we are doing a good work, praise God. I rely on Him for my strength to do homeschooling, I truly do. In my's still what we are SUPPOSED to be doing. There's a lot to learn, even in the third year, of homeschooling, as I am a mom/teacher/whatever else at the same time, but it's worth it. I just need more "help."


I listen to some of my favorite stations I've created on Pandora (a Last of the Mohican station, as well as a Charlotte Church station, a Celtic woman one, and so's been great)

I take my two "story" notebooks everywhere even though I've hardly written any more of my books. Ha. Oh well. One of the days.

When my brain is right. Right? At least I think of the stories often, and plan... and dream...

Also, reading on my Kindle.

A few of my favorite things.....playing Fashion Story with my little girl, Ella; playing a few Christmas carols on the piano, and drinking Twinings Chai tea. Just HAS to be Twinings. I'm a tea snob, I guess!!!

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Anonymous said...

Rightly impressive for the homeschooling and I know it reflects at lot of work well done. Enjoyed some insights that followed and I guess I am a black tea person...strong tea..not too sweet but sweetened with the right stuff.